Welcome back for a new year!


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Calendar for the year ahead...

Sunday School and Catechism Calendar 2019 - 2020


September 22 - First day of classes

September 29 - prayer

October 6 - singing

October 13 - prayer

October 20 - singing

*October 27 - OFF Teacher Conferences

November 3 - singing

November 10 - prayer

November 17 - singing

November 24 - prayer

*December 1 - NO CLASSES

December 8 - singing

December 15 - singing

*December 22 - NO CLASSES

*December 29 - NO CLASSES


January 5 - singing

January 12 - prayer

January 19 - singing

January 26 - prayer

February 2 - singing

February 9 - prayer

*February 16 - OFF Winter Break

February 23 - prayer

March 1 - singing

March 8 - prayer

March 15 - singing

March 22 - prayer

March 29 - singing - Last day for Bible Memory Camp (names need to be tallied for trophies)



April 19 - prayer

April 26 - singing

May 3 - LAST DAY - trophies and prayer with parents

What are our kids learning?

Since we are in the beginning of the new year I thought I would give a short update on what we do for the Sunday School/Catechism Hour.

We structure the hour to fit in 3 main areas - Prayer, worship and Biblical learning.

11:00-11:15 - Each week we rotate between prayer and singing with all of the kids 1st-12th grade. The reason we do this in a large group is to encourage community between all the ages. We want them to see how the older kids participate, and we hope the older kids step up to that challenge in a positive way.

11:20-11:30 - Bible Memory Camp is done each week in individual classrooms for the 1st- 5th grades.

11:20-12:00 - Classroom time.

The curriculum we use is as follows:

Take T.W.O.s - God Loves Us storybooks

For the past 16 years, God Loves Me storybooks have been a well-loved and much-used resource in church preschool ministry. Newly revised in 2015, these storybooks will provide families and churches with a wonderful way to nurture faith while establishing devotional habits of Bible reading and prayer.

Each book retells a Bible story in simple language that young children can understand, a prayer, and suggestions for learning-through-play activities. Children will learn about God's wonderful creation and people like Abraham, Hannah, David, Simeon, Anna, Peter, Jesus and Paul—and all the wonderful stories in between.

Little Lambs - The Beginner’s Bible

This curriculum introduces children to the stories and characters of the Bible. Based on the best-selling Bible storybook of our time, young children (ages 6 and under) will enjoy the animated videos, engaging teaching and fun activities as they discover the truth of God’s Word.

Children’s Worship - DWELL PLAY

Based on 36 stories from Genesis through Acts, Play leads you and the four- and five-year-olds in your Sunday school, home school, preschool, or daycare on a joyful discovery of God's love.

Kingdom Kids - DWELL Kindergarten

1st grade through 8th grade - DWELL and DWELL DIVE

DWELL curriculum is intentionally crafted as an ongoing journey in God’s story. Each year builds on the previous one—from preschool all the way through middle school (grade 8). DWELL is a one-year cycle for preschool, two-year for K-5 (elementary), and three-year for 6-8 (middle school). In age-appropriate ways, children are introduced to beautiful simplicity, growing complexity, and deeper mystery.

9th grade - HC and Me 1

10th grade - HC and Me 2

An easy-to-use, classic course on the Heidelberg Catechism and its relevance for life in our times. The student book contains the text of the entire Heidelberg plus discussion questions, journaling options, interactive activities, and more.

11th grade - Belgic Confession: What we believe and Why

Updated to include the 2011 translations of the Reformed confessions, this course will help teens

-make or renew a commitment to Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

-understand the structure and distinctiveness of Reformed doctrine.

-acquire and use a basic ""faith vocabulary"" common to the Reformed tradition.

-see a clear connection between doctrine and life.

-respond positively to the teachings of the church.

12th grade - No Easy Answers

No Easy Answers is a practical, hands-on course on how to make Christian moral and ethical decisions. Aimed at high school students and young adults, it features case studies—true accounts of people who have struggled with an ethical dilemma or problem.

With this course you can help teens form a Christian pattern of decisions and actions that seek the glory of God, the good of neighbors, and personal well-being. In the "anything goes" world teens encounter every day, these skills are crucial.

Did you know?

- Did you know we have a Children's Ministry T.E.A.M?

T.E.A.M. stands for Teaching, Encouraging, Affirming and Ministering to our Kids. The T.E.A.M. includes Jen Sterk, Megan VanGoor, Tracy Meengs, Lisa Boone and Katie Ruis. We meet a few times a year and evaluate our Children's ministry programs. If you ever have any input, suggestions or needs we are here for you to talk with.

- Do you know we have registered 204 children in our church programs?

- Did you know 23 children were born after 2017?

- Did you know the smallest class size is our current Senior class that will graduate this coming year?

- Did you know we have a ministry called Providence UnLimited to work with any inclusion needs we have at Providence?

Some pretty fun facts and a lot to be THANKFUL for!

Providence Children's Ministry