Fourth Grade News

Week of April 11, 2016

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Math - Due Tuesday, April 12th

Answer all questions (except #11) on pages 827 – 830 in your math book. This is a test review homework. (Students may not use a homework pass for this homework!).

Math Topic 14 Test on Thursday, April 14th

Reading - Due Thursday, April 14th

Complete two reading passages and answer questions from your blue “Texas Assessment Preparation” workbook.

1. Two Cinderellas and Little Havroshechka (double passage) Pages 9 – 13

2. Beverly Cleary pages 15 – 18

You need to TRACK your thoughts and PROVE your answers.

Spelling Test on Friday, April 15th

Here is how your child can access the weekly spelling list on Spelling City:

The spelling list can be found linked to the following website:

Once spelling city is pulled up, the list will appear and your child can do different activities to help them study.

Please let Mrs. Miller or Ms. Hill know if you have any questions.

Plano Enrichment Program (PEP) – Summer School

· PEP Summer Classes held June 8 – June 30th, Monday-Fridays from 8:30-12:30 p.m.

· Transportation is provided from Wells to the PEP campus (Skaggs) and back to Wells after 12:30

· Financial Assistance for students who qualify for the free/reduced meals program this year

· Lots of fun enrichment class opportunities and "building block" courses to reinforce grade level skills.

· (If your child has been recommended for another summer program, schedule and locations may be different than the PEP courses above.)

· SUMMER SCHOOL ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: May 13th for all programs.

Please request a packet from your child’s teacher or go online:

Contact: with questions about the programs/registration.

Online registration is only available for current PISD students. When you register online, you may select one or two classes. They must be selected at the same time you are enrolling. If you register for one class online and decide later to add another class, you must contact the summer school office at (469) 752-8017 or

1. Go to PISD Parent Portal ( Select my PISD Parent Portal and login.

2. Go to Summer School

3. Choose Summer School Registration

Instagram Update

We would love to have more parents following our class Instagram pages. We would like to inform you that teachers will accept invitations to follow their pages, just from their homeroom students' parents. Also, if your Instagram username is not similar to your name, for security reasons, please send an email with your Instagram username to your child's homeroom teacher. Thank you for helping us stay connected and protecting your children's privacy on the internet! Here is a list of our usernames:

Miss. Burke - MissBurkeatWells2015

Ms. Hill - MsHillsatWells2015

Mrs. Miller - MrsMilleratWells2015

Ms. Murugesan - MsMurugesanatWells2015

Mrs. Sewell - MrsSewellatWells2015

Learning Targets


Topic 14 - Lines, Angles, and Shapes

I can identify and draw one or more lines of symmetry, if they exist for a two-dimensional figure.

I can classify 2 dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel or perpendicular lines or the presence or absence of angles of a specified size.

I can use problem solving and test taking strategies to complete the topic 14 test.


I can identify the problem and solution in a story.

I can determine the figurative language used in poetry.


I can identify articles (a, an, the) and use them correctly in my writing.


I can construct an expository writing piece from a prompt.


I can explain how atmosphere and drag are related.

Tiger Market for Friday, April 8th


Avery C.


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Book Buddies

By opening a book YOU can open a new world for a child and foster the love of reading for a lifetime!

Wells PTA is looking for volunteers to read aloud books to small groups of 1st and 2nd grade students. Book Buddies meet every Wednesday from 12:45 to 1:45. Please sign up and volunteer to fit your schedule; one time, once every two weeks, once a month or EVERY WEEK! You do not have to have a 1st or 2nd grader at Wells. ANYONE can volunteer! A Book Buddy can be a parent, grandparent, high school student or community member.

In order to be a Book Buddy, fill out the volunteer application on the PISD website or just click on the link below. It takes about a week to be

Then click on the SignUpGenius link below to choose your date and time to volunteer!