The New Technology of the Civil War


The Civil War is the most bloodiest battle the United States has ever been in. Thousands of men died in just a matter of days. This carnage was mostly caused by the new technology that the Americans had at this time.

Many new technologies were being used for the first time in warfare during the Civil War. Both sides, the North and the South, had these new technological advances but the North used some them to a greater extent than the South,thus resulting in their victory.

Some of the New Technologies

Transportation and Espionage

Railroads and Hot Air Baloons

Railroads were used to a great extent in the Civil War, mostly by the North. Lincoln converted these metal tracks into a war machine. With traintrack all around the North, Licoln saw a way to transport food, supplies, and fresh troops on the battle field.

Hot Air Baloons, a new technology at this time, were used to send spies into the skies so that they could spy on the enemy. Once agaain the North used this war more than the South did.