Ethics Of Mars Colinization

By Cameron Lucey

Think Of The Worst

Imagine something bad happen to Earth. Where would the human race live on. Some may think the moon which would be the best as long as nothing happened to earths revolution. But what if something did happen. What would be the best option. We cant go to any planet closer to the sun. And any planet farther than Mars are gas giants that would kill us instantly. So what about Mars. It would be very tough but is our best option so why not explore the option, literally. So yes it is ethical.

Does Privacy On Mars Even Exist?

Can privacy cost a life on Mars or does it even matter? Well if you think about their astronaut suits that will keep a heart beat at all times and probably a tracker that monitors there every movement, then do they need cameras really every where. I don't believe they do. There may be a few but I do not believe everywhere. This means they would be able to keep there privacy, but with some restrictions of course.

Should A Child Be Born On Mars?

If a child was to be born on Mars then there would be many problems but a great accomplishment. The accomplishment would be great for a very simple simple reason; we just had a kid born on mars! Not only that, but that would make it possible for the colony to become a civilization. This would be amazing. But there are to many cons that would prevent us from doing it. First of all, the female that is holding the baby would still have to work out three hours a day. That means when the ninth month rolls around she will not be in a position to deliver. She would not be able to do it because she wont be able to work out three hours a day , then she wont be able to be in physical condition to do almost anything. Also Mars is not a place to raise a kid therefore neither the mom nor the kid are likely to survive never mind both.

Beware Of Dangers

When someone get sick, what will do? We will have do find a resource to help them. But there are not many resources. So if there is someone sick and we cant bring them back to earth so what do we do. The answer is being prepared right away. Bringing all the necessities. So if your prepared, then it is fine but if not then everyone is in trouble. They can not send supplies in a short amount of time so that is why you need to be prepared.
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