Why we eat what we eat

External Influences


The Internet and T.V. can show Adds that have people eating foods, influencing us to want to eat it.


Prices may influence our food choices because we may want to save money on a cheaper meal.


Some foods may be better for our environment and people may want to help our Earth.


the technology may cause us to want different foods because they advertise the foods more

Individual Influences


Your body may have different chemicals that cause our


Your mind may be causing you to want less healthy foods because they taste better.

Personal (likes and dislikes)

What foods you like has a very large impact on what you eat

Culture and Customs

Your culture may not allow some foods so you cant eat all foods.


Your family may have a tradition of eating a meal on a certain day.


Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The Guidelines may tell you to not eat or eat some foods

Weight Management

Some foods may not be allowed in some diets

Physical Activity Needs

Some exercises need some foods to keep you moving.

“My Plate” compared to the “Food Pyramid”

Nutritional Labels on Packages

The nutrition labels may have some things that you are allergic to or are just plain unhealthy.

Food Groups to Encourage for Specific Populations (over 50, pregnant women, children, and teens)

Some groups are not supposed to eat some foods that may harm you.