Macquarie Island

By Hayden, Jade and Genesis

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So, what is the first issue?

Well, the first issue is that introduced pests are eating the plants and are taking over other animals' habitats on Macquarie Island. The plants are important because they help keep the animals alive. How would you feel if your home was taken over by other people? It wouldn't feel comfortable. The animals that are taking over the habitats are pests. Some of the pests include rats, mice and feral cats. Rats and mice also attack birds' nests to eat their eggs. Some of the birds on Macquarie Island are peguins, pretrels and albatrosses. Feral means that animals don't have an owner. Another word for feral is stray.

the second issue

Soon after Macquarie Island was discovered, it became a big problem. Fur seals were caught up for their run offs, and within just ten years they were wiped out. Feral cats have come in for a lot of criticism in recent years. The feral cats are known as monsters which have devastating effects in the environment. How would you feel if your home was discovered and it became a big problem or that it highly affects the world?

the final issue

The last issue occurred between 1810 to 1919. The last issue is that seals and penguins have been hunted for their fur and skin, to the point wherethey are almost extinct. The condition on the Island and the surrounding seas were considered so harsh that the idea to use it as a penal settlement was rejected.