A Collage About Me

By: stephen gutierrez

My name is Stephen and i value...

I value the opportunity the time i have left here in school since it is my last year in high school and i graduate in January. So really i value all my teachers in this final push to make sure i stay on pace.

cont. of what i value

Second i value my family who are always with me and supporting me during this time. My dad has to come in first he has really put and kept my life in order and without him i will probably be struggling in this whole situation that i find my self in.
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Part 3 of what i value

I value my dog yes my dog. the reason for this is i never had a dog till last year and never knew how one can change your life. He has completely changed my feelings when i come home because i see him as soon i walk in the door.
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part 4 of what i value

I value religion because its really nice to know that there is a reason why you are living.

last but not least

my friends are one of the things that i value hugely and i feel that i have to hold on to that because without friends you will be very frustrated with people.

Short Term Goal

My goal for this next year is to get a job and also be able to cover my own expenses without asking help for money.

Long Term Goal

I look forward and i am exited with the plan i have. I am hoping that i can go to college then going into the career choice. i am hoping by the age of 55 i will be financially stable.

5 Thing that i want

  1. A job
  2. A future not worrying about if i can make it to the next pay-check
  3. A play station 4
  4. A car 5. Money

5 Thing i Need

  1. A job
  2. Money
  3. School
  4. Support 5. i don't know yet.