Library News November 2015

Miller Place High School

Teen Read Week

We had a great time celebrating Teen Read Week (October 18-23). Students enjoyed trying to guess the book or quote that was announced each morning. Also, they enjoyed voting for their favorite books and guessing the number of bookmarks in the jar.

A student comes into the library, breathless, and says "That quote, a book, I know it. How do I enter? Please pick mine. I really want to win." (P.S. She did win that day!)

AP Bio Book Discussion

E.O. Wilson Booktalk

Ms. Vella's AP Bio classes came to the library for a book discussion about the book that they all read for class. The book was Letters to a Young Scientist by E. O. Wilson. Great dialogue about the wisdom that Dr. Wilson imparts to the "young scientist" and how they might use it going forward.

Classes in the library

Feel free to bring your classes to the library for lessons on following information literacy topics:

NoodleTools--a great database that will allow students to create and store bibliographic citations and electronic notecards to aid in their research process. Consider it an electronic suitcase for all their research needs.

Booktalks--bring your classes in to hear about some great books and have them pick one of their own for independent reading.

Research Skills--you can bring your classes in to learn about accessing, locating, evaluating and ethically using information from the databases and many other tools. These lessons can be done for short mini-research projects (1 period) or longer, extended projects. For example, your seniors might need a refresher (or introduction) to using the databases for finding good, reliable research or maybe you want your students to create an infographic after researching a topic. We are here to help you and your students with all their research needs!

Digital Citizenship/Digital Footprints--Maybe you want to bring your students in for a lesson that demonstrates that their behavior online can leave long lasting "footprints" that may follow them longer than they think!

Bookaneers Meeting

Our Miller Place Bookaneers read the book, Fever, 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson. This is a wonderful piece of historical fiction about the yellow fever epidemic. Students enjoyed it and we had a good discussion about it. The Bookaneers then wrote their favorite quote from a book on a mini pumpkin and they are displayed in the library!

Traveling Museum--Suffolk County Historical Museum

Jen Schulken's classes had a lovely day when Zak, from the Suffolk County Historical Museum, came to visit and brought some primary artifacts from the Revolutionary War/Colonial period on Long Island. He spoke about The Culper Spy Ring and other events that happened here on Long Island. After listening to Zak tell about the artifacts, students were able to come up and hold the cannonball and the other artifacts.