Team 9 Update

Issue 4 August 30, 2019

At JCMS, we know that helping our students achieve success is a group effort. We appreciate all the family support that helps us help our students. In an effort to create a bridge between home and school, Team 9 will be using Smore to create newsletters to keep you informed of team happenings, school events, policies, and news of interest.

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Upcoming Events

We will post events and reminders in this section. Check back often to see updates. You can also check the school calendar here: or the athletic calendar here:

Monday, September 2nd- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, September 3rd-

  • lunch tutoring (Mrs. Williams math)
  • JCMS Wildcat Family Discovery Day from 5:30PM-7:30PM

Wednesday, September 4th-

  • morning tutoring (Mrs. Williams math)

Thursday, September 5th-

  • lunch tutoring (Mrs. Williams math)
  • Football (away)
  • Cross Country (away)

Friday, September 6th-

  • Academic Success WINN time- students can get help from their teachers during this time. It is an excellent way to catch up, retake assessments, or get help.

Saturday, September 7th

  • Volleyball

Team 9 Core Classes

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, we will be wrapping up our first text for Unit 1, which is the article "Why We Lie" by Alex Lickerman. Our first quiz of the year also covers ideas from this text. Students have a study guide, and they are allowed prepare a 3 X 5 note card for support on the quiz. I will give each student a note card for this!

After this, we will be moving on to a short story titled "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl--one of my favorite stories! I know students will enjoy it too.

Students have just completed the first round of reading assessments for Language Arts. MAZE & ORF scores will be available for students to see very soon!

Remind Notifications

Would you like to receive important reminders and announcements from me about this class and Team 9? Follow these directions-

Using your cell phone, enter this number:


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Math- Mrs. Williams

Hello, Team 9 Families!

Welcome to week 4! In math this week will be continuing with Unit 1: Linear Equations and Inequalities. Last week we worked on solving one and two step equations.Tuesday we will be moving on to combining like terms then the distributive property.

I am very proud of how students are learning to work in groups, and I love how they are starting to ask questions! Check the calendar in this newsletter for tutoring times. I will offer after school tutoring only after setting it up with a parent or guardian first. Please email me to set up times after school.

  • Quiz Make Ups/Retakes: Students may retake assignments that go into the 80% category one time. Students should study and/or come to tutoring before they come in to retake assessments.
  • Absences: it is important that your student come to school as often as they can. When a student misses, they need to plan a time to come in and catch up. Check Schoology for a detailed list of what was done in class. See tutor schedule below for times.

Please email or call if you have questions.

Jamie Williams


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US History

Friday 8/30
Students are turning in their Valley Forge Document Based Question mini-essay answering: Would You Have Quit At Valley Forge?

We also are having our first composition notebook check which will be a good indication of whether students are keeping up on their daily class work. In the future, students will often be able to use their comp books on their quizzes so if your student has fallen behind, encourage them to come in and catch up during WINN time Friday or schedule another time with me.

Expect to see grades for these assignments being turned in today in the gradebook by early next week.

Students need to study their vocabulary words over the weekend for our quiz next week. We will be reviewing in class today, but students will need to study on their own. Vocabulary words are in their composition notebooks.

Next week we will begin Unit 2 which looks at our Constitution and Government. We will first learn about the Articles of Confederation, our nation's first attempt at a national government and why it failed before we dive in to the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

We are making great progress!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Ben Trenary



We worked to answer the following essential questions this week:

  • What does the record look like up close?
  • Are other objects that produce music also moving back and forth when they make sounds?

This week we brought in tuning forks, a guitar, and drums to compare our record player to different music makers. We had fun playing the instruments and watching different movements in slow motion.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Breanna Temaat


Foundational Math - Mr. Goehl

Hello everybody!

This first few weeks we worked on going over classroom rules and expectations and started on our first unit, Place Value of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers.

For week 4 we will be studying and nearing in on our first quiz over place value.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!


You can check your student's Schoology resources for the JCMS Student Guidebook.

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