One Dog Policy

"Pick a Topic"

What did you choose?

I chose to do my research topic on the one dog policy in China.

Who was involved?

The residents of urban China are only allowed one dog as a pet, this dog must stand under 14 inches tall and not be a vicious dog. The residents of rural china are allowed a guard dog.

When was this influential or important?

This policy was put into place in 2006. It's important to the community because rabies are a large fatal problem in China. Only 3% of dogs are vaccinated.

Where is this important in China?

This is very important in all of China. In Beijing alone 69,000 people went in for medical treatment for rabies in 2005.

Why did you choose this topic?

I chose this topic because it's very interesting to know that China not only controls how many children their citizens can have, but they even control how many pets they can have.

How does your topic demonstrate the ways cultural factors influence the design of human communities?

In China it's a normal occurrence for people to eat dogs, but in America if you offered somebody some dog they would be horrified. It's apart of the Chinese culture to eat these animals.