The New Shoes I'm Stepping Into

By:Tyler Thomas


This type of shoe relates to me because it shows the dedication and hard work doctors do. Also when get older I want to become a doctor and leave a mark on the world for what I would have done. The dedication theies doctors have is incredible because it takes many years to become one. So what I'm trying to say is that I am perfect for this shoe because I am ready dedicated to do what ever it takes.

The Job

The job take a lot of effort. You have to be alert and ready to do what ever it takes to help one or even more people. You have to use all your sources from your brain and do what you do. When your on the job it takes time because people get injured every day. Doctoring takes lots of your time because every day theirs paperwork,helping,and learning. The thing I'm trying to say is that the job is a hard task.