July Recognition - August Newsletter

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Hey Hey Stellattos! It is hot outside, it is hot inside and these new jewels have the potential to sell like hot cakes!!! I usually end up sending a few pieces back that I just don't LOVE. I overbuy samples because I know I will inevitably send something back. Well, I'm in trouble this time! I hope you feel the same way!!

I am going to make a confession to you guys. I have not booked a trunk show from scratch in probably 2 years. I have friends that ASK to host, I book at trunk shows or have had S&D referrals. When I arrived at Hoopla I had ZERO shows on the books and no plan. When I returned from Hoopla I booked THREE trunk shows and have three more in the works for September. Moral of the story, Hoopla works and you can't afford NOT be there next year! If you save $20 per pay period (every week) you will have almost $1000 squirreled away for Hoopla 2014. That's enough to cover your hotel, airfare, registration and most of your food cost. Just a thought! However, the most fun part of Hoopla was meeting so many like minded women from across the country and particularly my favorites - our very own Stellattos and Dixiedots! While you wait for July 2014 to roll around, you should consider attending your local monthly meetings, a fall rally, a conference call or whatever you can squeeze in to help re-kindle your fire! You can find that info on your website on the "events" tab in the lounge.

July Recognition

Top in Sales
Lindsay Clinton, $2081
Rebecca Schipper, $1673
Liz Shakeshift, $1323
Lauren Sanders, $1315
Erika Grant, $1098
Janae Pahn, $573
Brittney Vincent, $572
Dana Barnes, $532

Welcome to Stella & Dot!
Amanda Kelly, Brittney Vincent - Sponsor

Congratulations on Rock The Summer Challenge Level 1 Earners
Rebecca Schipper
Lindsay Clinton
Lauren Sanders
**It isn't too late to get started on Level's 2, 3 or 4! I believe in you!

Looking for Social Media Experts!!!

Are you tech savvy? Are you rocking a facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, etc.? The Stellattos need your help! One of our very own, Melissa Levrets, has agreed to help lead a conference call helping those of us who are....clueless. If you have found some tried and true methods to propel your S&D biz forward through a particular social media outlet please let me know! I will announce details for the next Conference Call as soon as possible.

August Challenge

Home Office is currently offering an INCREDIBLE and totally attainable incentive. I am desperate for that cobalt blue handbag and well really, all of those Fall Hostess Incentive pieces. For those of you who are working towards those goals I can't to wait to see the pictures of you guys with your new bling! The Rock the Summer Challenge has been a priceless pace car for me and I hope for you too!

I have a challenge for you this month. This doesn't involve how much you sell, sponsor or book. The challenge involves YOU and YOUR business. I have found that I spend a lot of time THINKING about my business and not so much DOING things to move my business forward. I challenge you to create an activity log and write down everything you do to keep the Stella & Dot wheels turning. The log only has to be for SEVEN days and whatever seven days you chose. Keep your S&D Activity log in the same fashion that you might keep a food journal. I am personally aiming for consistency, doing something everyday for my business, putting thoughts into actions and a chance to re-evaluate how my time is spent. Do you have office hours? This might help you determine when and how you want to hold those. Please text, email or post on our Stellattos facebook page your activity log by Aug 28th and you will be entered into a drawing for a few things like polishing cloths, a set of minis or maybe even a set of full sized Look Books! I will complete an activity log as well and will post it on our FB page. (You should join us here if you haven't already! It is fun!

I love my job!!
Lauren Sanders