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Week of April 11-15

From Stacy and Carol

ITBS Testing is DONE! Our kids did great! A big THANK YOU to our 1st and 2nd grade teachers, our many "helpers" and Mrs. Cross for making this a smooth testing time for our kiddos!
Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Certified Teachers

During PLC meetings on Wednesday, we will walk through how to complete the End of the Year TESS reflection. If you are not a classroom teacher, please find a time that you can join a group or let me know so we can find another time to meet. Make sure to bring your Bloomboard password.

3rd and 4th Grade Testing Dates

April 18,19- 4th Grade ACT Aspire

April 20,21- 3rd Grade ACT Aspire

Supplemental Salary Notebooks

Supplemental Salary Notebooks are due to me with appropriate documentation before April 22.

GT Dates


12 Third grade GT students to ADEQ for GT field experience--Kolten Morton, Annabelle Cross, Emma Durham and Cheyenne Darling

13 MSN GT visit 9-11 am (Skyler Waltrip, Chandler Ford, Grant Hill)

28 Chess Tournament (all members of the chess team) Chandler Ford, Kale Taylor, Austin

Selucky, Cole Kendall, Michael Lynch, Gabriel Lynch and Jaydon Nobles.

29 MSS GT visit 9-11 (Bronson Adams, Kayla Duke, Brooklyn Boals)

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Classroom Teachers

Annual Reviews

Annual review time is here. If you are going to be out and have a conference, let Gina Riley know ASAP.

Student Intent to Return forms

Please send the "Intent to Return" forms to the office as you receive them. Please encourage your students to get these in ASAP!

Upcoming Dates

4/9- Happy Birthday, Stephanie Tiner!

4/12- 100 Nights of Reading 100th day/3rd Grade GT Field Trip

4/13- GT MSN Visit

4/18- ACT Aspire for 4th Grade

4/19- ACT Aspire for 4th Grade

4/20-ACT Aspire for 3rd Grade/ Happy Birthday, Vanessa Hamilton!

2nd Grade Field Trip

4/21- ACT Aspire for 3rd Grade

4/22- Supplemental Salary notebooks due

4/25--4/29 Spring Bookfair

4/25 & 4/26- Kindergarten Registration at CAO

4/28-Kindergarten Field Trip/First Grade Field Trip/Chess Tournament

4/29- Happy Birthday, Adrienne Thomas and Jennifer Lynch!

GT MSS Visit

Looking Ahead

5/9-K Fitness Frenzy/PALS Fishing Trip

Library Field Trip for 1st grade and 3rd grade (at different times)

5/10-1st grade Fitness Frenzy

Library Field Trip for Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grades (at different times....more details coming soon)

5/11- 2nd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/12- 3rd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/13- 4th Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/19- 4H to ES for 4th Grade/K Science in PE

5/20- CHS Graduation/Superhero Day/ Hot Dogs from Centennial Bank 2:00 Dismissal

5/24- 2:00 Dismissal

5/25- 2:00 Dimissal

The Power of Words