No Teacher Left Behind Act

Make sure your educator does not fall through the cracks!

Provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers...

Ongoing education is essential for all administrators to provide for their teachers. Annual training should be provided so that teachers can learn updated technology and educational strategies. Using methods such as seminars, on-line classes and resources, and training sessions to offer an on-going formation of their educators.

Consistent standard for all teachers...

Creating some sort of national standard would allow all teacher to be formed the same. It is important to have some consistency. This consistency would allow teachers to move from one area to another without a deviation in their standards. We are working towards a Common Core Standard for the students; the teachers should be able to maintain those same standards.

Support your student by supporting those that teach them!

It is essential to continue education so we can be an example for others.

I believe this focus will allow teachers to be more creative and allow the students to be formed as a well rounded students.