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Resolve to Innovate with Your Students!

Tight budgets and limited funds keep many teachers from attempting new things in their classrooms. PTA grants and Birdville Foundation grants are options, but there is yet another option: Donors Choose.

Teachers describe their project and pick out what they want/need for their classroom. Then, community members and even strangers from all over the world can see the project and make donations to get it funded. There are many big corporations out there that also match donations. If you would like to try Donors Choose and would like my help writing up the project, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I'll help you prepare your project and take the follow-up photos to send when your project gets funded.

Fascinating Finds

Here are my top "fascinating finds" from the holiday break.


NoRedInk is a grammar instruction site that is free. It allows teachers to assign grammar instruction to students that adapts to their knowledge level.

Best of History Sites compiles the best of history-related websites.

Wonderopolis is a site that provides answers to questions in easy-to-understand, short expository writing. There are many science and social studies questions explored through questions. These short texts can provide content-area support for language learners as well as extension for advanced learners looking to go deeper into the objectives.

Absurd Math is a site with math problems that are set up as games to be solved.

Blog Post

Practical EdTech blog post about link-bundling options for teachers. I tend to use S'more for this type of thing, but Richard Byrne provides alternatives that would streamline this process for teachers using multiple sites with students.

Happy New Year!

I hope your winter break was rejuvenating and relaxing! Whatever your resolutions for the New Year, I hope that you will reach out to me when you need or want support incorporating digital learning in relevant ways in your classroom. ~Tosh McGaughy

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