Outstanding Space Crafts

Andrew Mosco


Have you ever wondered about space crafts and how rockets go up in space? I am studying on rovers on mars, and scientists say that they are looking for life on Mars and if there was or is. I am awesome studying about space stations ( mostly ISS ) and the higher you go up in space, the more weight you will have to give up. I have so much more to teach you about

Rovers on Mars

"Scientists have been recently studying about life on Mars found by rovers." These rovers are made by Nasa and other space stations. When rovers go into Mars when there landing, Mars is so strong with gravity that the rover has to go as fast as it can or it will never be able to land of the face of Mars. The only way to get to Mars is by rovers so if there was no rovers we wouldn't know what Mars is.
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★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

International Space Station

In the International Space Station they have