d.lab for Making: Ready for Tours!

2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Click on the button below and pick a time.

The times are in 15 minute increments for flexibility with both LS & MS schedules.


For student safety, no more than one class at a time may be in the d.lab.

Step 2: Enter your name, select the "d.lab class tour" option, and you're done!

A separate form submission is required for each 15 minute increment.

BONUS: If you include your email, you will receive a booking confirmation.
Click Here To Book a Tour

Please indicate in the "Additional Info" section if this is an individual teacher/staff tour or an advisory. If an advisory, also please let me know which grade. Thank you!

Then What?

After the class tour, I'll get in touch with you about booking a follow up

meeting with you to discuss lesson & project ideas.