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Friday, November 6th, 2020

Dear Families,

What an amazing week for the Henderson Hustle: we had great weather, we played music to keep everyone's energy levels high, and the students demonstrated amazing enthusiasm, perseverance and support for each other. Whether they did a fun run/walk or a competitive timed race, all of our students should feel proud! A huge thanks to the Junior and Intermediate students who showed great leadership by taking turns monitoring the track and ensuring that our littlest Hawks were cheered on and did not run in the wrong direction :) And thank you to the amazing team of staff who organized this event. We can't wait to do it again!

A huge part of our focus at school is ensuring that all students feel supported and part of a safe classroom community. Students of all ages continue to use the "Zones of Regulation" language and visual aids to identify and understand their emotions, and to be better able to self-regulate and self-control if they are feeling a 'big' emotion while at school. During a "community circle" in Mr. Hearn's class this week, students began their day by sharing what colour they were feeling (and provided details if they wished): all of the classmates listened to each friend attentively and supportively, without making any comments or judgements...they simply offered support by being good listeners, and then by trying to pay a bit of special attention to friends who had expressed that they were feeling blue, yellow or red. It was a wonderful way to ensure that everyone had a chance to speak without being interrupted, and a chance to reflect on how the day had begun. We see Zones of Regulation visual aids all around the school, and have included some examples below, in case you would like to try talking about what colour you are feeling at home!

In the hallways of the Primary Portaplex, there are wonderful examples of how our staff ensure that all students feel important, valued and recognized: M Landis' Grade 2s recently completed beautiful "auto-portraits et mini-biographies" and Mrs. Panter's Grade 2/3s prepared a fun display of "Who Am I" riddles to help everyone get to know each other. Sharing students' work in this way not only celebrates the effort that they put into their writing and artwork, but also helps them to feel proud of their unique personalities, talents and interests.

Although September 2021 may seem far away, our Grade 8 students and their parents/guardians are invited to explore some "Choices at 9" webinars later this month: please see the detailed information below.

We have received some inquiries about whether school photos will be happening soon: Lifetouch has recently had their COVID safety protocols approved, and will be reaching out to us soon with some dates. We will let you know as soon as we have the details!

Information about a virtual Indigo Girls Club, as well as virtual STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) opportunities are provided below: all of these sessions are free, and we hope that families will try to take advantage of some of these wonderful community outreach initiatives.

Our November Parent Council Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 12th from 6:45pm-8:45pm. All attendees from last month will be automatically provided with a link to join the virtual meeting: new members are always welcome! Please email Mrs. Davey daveyjk@limestone.on.ca by Tuesday to receive a link to the meeting.

The weather this weekend looks beautiful: unseasonably warm and sunny. We will be making sure to carve out some time outdoors being active with our families, and hope that all of our Hawk families will do the same! Have a safe and joyful weekend,

Mme Peart & Mrs. Davey

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Remembrance Day 2020

Due to current COVID protocols, we will be having virtual Remembrance Day Assemblies in classrooms this year. The school will be distributing poppies, and will be making a donation on behalf of all of the students. If families wish to make an online donation, you may do so using the following link: https://www.legion.ca/remembrance/the-poppy-campaign/donate-to-the-poppy-fund Our local branch is the Matthew J. Dawe Memorial Legion, Branch 631.
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Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, November 11th: Remembrance Day (students are invited to wear red or black)

  • Thursday, November 12th: Henderson Hustle! Grades JK-2

  • Thursday, November 12th: Parent Council Meeting (6:45pm-8:45pm)

  • Friday, November 13th: Henderson Hustle! Grades 3-8

  • Wednesday, November 18th: Camo Day!

  • Friday, November 20th: Progress Report Distribution

  • Wednesday, November 25th: Mismatched Clothing & Patterns Day (plaid, polka dots & stripes)!

Fridays have been declared Henderson Hawk Pride Day!

We have decided that EVERY Friday will be a Henderson Hawks Spirit Day! On Fridays, slip on some green and yellow clothing, footwear or accessories, and show how proud you are to be a Hawk!

Families who wish to purchase Henderson Hawks Spirit Wear: Check out all of the amazing clothing and accessories available at our École James R. Henderson School E-Store:


School Council Information

Our November Parent Council Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 12th from 6:45pm-8:45pm. All attendees from last month will be automatically provided with a link to join the virtual meeting: new members are always welcome! Please email Mrs. Davey daveyjk@limestone.on.ca by Tuesday to receive a link to the meeting.

COVID-19 Daily Active Screening

All students, staff, bus drivers, bus monitors and visitors to schools must perform a daily self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 before each school day and before putting students on a school bus. Staying home when sick is important to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses in our community.

COVID-19 Screening Tool

Parents and caregivers must review the following checklist with their child/student before sending them to school each day and before putting them on a school bus.

Please use the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool available in English and French (released October 1, 2020). You can print or download this version in English or French (by clicking on the top right). We are working on translations in additional languages. This new screening tool replaces what was provided previously (Sept. 21, 2020 version).

Information about Indigo Girls Club!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Indigo Girls Kingston is happy to be offering our Girls’ Club Programs to self-identifying female grade 3-8 students in your school! Indigo Girls Group is an organization run by young women for young women. Through a wide variety of mediums, we aim to educated and create discussion on societal themes for girls, locally and globally. Our club is a safe, non-judgemental, and supportive space to learn and engage together as growing young women. Indigo Girls focuses on developing youth engagement, discussion-based learning, independent growth, self-esteem and providing girls the tools to become change-makers throughout their life. Some examples of the workshops we run are how to manage anxiety, body positivity and women in STEM.

This after-school program will be held once a week for a duration of four weeks.

Date and Location: Wednesdays at 4pm via Zoom starting November 11th, 2020

If this is an opportunity that sounds beneficial for your daughter please send the attached registration form to kingston@indigogirlsgroup.com

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Indigo Girls or the programming, please feel free send us an e-mail!


Kate Lecuyer (she/her) and Alison Gould (she/her)

Co-Branch Leaders

Free Queen's Engineering STEM event for Girls in Grades 1-6

Connections Outreach is happy to announce that we are collaborating with

@QueensWISE to bring you #EngSciDay2020. On Nov 14-15, all those in Grades 1-6 are invited to attend the online event! Click @QueensWISE link for more info and registration: https://queenswise.engsoc.queensu.ca/tc-events/engsci-day-fall-2020/

Free Learning Opportunity: Black Youth in STEM

Here is information on a wonderful opportunity to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through fun hands-on activities in a Black-positive space!

This virtual club is open to Black youth from K-8, residing in the Kingston area. Black Youth in STEM is free of charge, and all materials are supplied. Please share widely, as this program is open to students of all achievement levels, with the overall purpose of availing opportunities and increase Black representation in STEM fields/engineering.

Spaces are limited. Spaces are limited. Here is the link to register:


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James R Henderson Parking Guide

Drop off and pick up times are very busy, and we want to ensure the safety of all of our students and their caregivers as they enter and exit the school. Please consult the Driving and Parking Guide below to see where there are safe, designated parking spaces that are all within a 3 minute walk to the school. The area directly in front of the school is a designated student drop off zone: you must remain in your vehicle and are permitted to stop for a maximum of 3 minutes. A reminder that parking is not permitted on the shoulder of Roosevelt Drive opposite the school, and that the City of Kingston will be enforcing this no-parking zone. Thank you for ensuring that you help to keep everyone safe by respecting our drop-off and parking guidelines.