Molecular Genetics Project

The benefits and risks of Genetic Engineering

Project Overview

Variation exists in all species. Organisms with the best traits will survive to produce offspring with favorable traits. Still, some of these organisms possess traits that are not as desirable as others. Long ago, people recognized these facts and used this knowledge to selectively breed plants and animals to produce offspring with the best traits. Breeding, however, has certain limitations. For instance, you can generally only breed an organism with members of its own species. Now the characteristics of one organism can potentially be shared with another. What if you could reproduce an individual with favorable traits over and over again? What if you could choose the exact traits desired in the offspring? Today, scientists are discovering ways to genetically alter organisms for a variety of purposes, however, there are often unintended consequences. Because of that, not all scientists and consumers in different cultures agree that genetic engineering is an entirely positive endeavor.

Your Task:

You will create a Powtoon to explore an issue within the field of Genetic engineering.

  • In order to do this, you will develop a story board of 700-1200 words about a type of genetic engineering.
  • You will then use your storyboard to create a presentation on Powtoon.
  • You must follow the procedure outlined below in "Research Process"

Research Process:

1. Choose one of the following topic related to genetic engineering to research. Approved topics include:
  • Dolly the sheep
  • Designer Babies
  • Stem Cell – embryonic or adult
  • Gene Therapy
  • Cows that pass less gas
  • Plants that fight pollution
  • Golden Rice
  • Environmentally Friendly pigs
  • Faster-growing trees
  • Banana vaccine
  • PCR
  • Human Genome Project (Sanger Dideoxy method)

2. Develop a research question. What are you looking for in regards to this topic?

3. Research your topic and complete the storyboard outline (see

4. Use the approved sources below in the "Resources" section. Use EasyBib to create citations for your work (see Easy Bib tutorial here: and You MUST properly cite ALL sources of information within the text and provide a bibliography to hand in on the day of the presentation. Plagiarized work will receive a zero mark!

5. Create an account on Powtoon. Spend some time looking over the tutorials here:

6. Create your presentation using Powtoon (max. 10 min).

7. Project Marking Scheme -->

8. Project DEADLINES -- NOVEMBER 25th
(deadline - 11:55 pm) upload your powtoon to this google drive link: (FILENAME -- "FIRSTNAMES_TOPIC")

9. IN CLASS POWTOON VIEWING will take place on Nov 26-27 (order of viewing is by random draw). There will be a peer assessment component. You must attend class in order to receive an evaluation.