What's Happening at the Ranch

Week of December 14th

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On behalf of the Awkward Admin team at Carpenter, we'd like to wish everyone a very happy holiday!

Shout outs

Shout out to Guillermo for conducting an amazing choir concert last week! The kids were truly amazing and even the parents got to sing with them! Gave me chills! ~ Sam Castillo

Shout out to those who came to Pin Stack. A good time was had by all. ~ Paul

Shout out to Ms. Romney and Ms. Withers for making multiple trips to ISS during the day to help out our students academically. ~ Paul

Shout out to Katie and Beau for an amazing performance for Bring Your Parent to class. I was amazed by the students! ~ Kim

Shout out to Katie, Alicia, and Guillermo for awe-inspiring performances at the Sunshine Breakfast on Friday. ~ Kim

Shout out to Amy for bringing sunshine to our Carpenter family! ~ Kim

We had an awesome time at the staff social at Pin Stack. We need a CMS bowling team! ~ Courtney

Shout out to Amy Rhodes for buying everything and organizing Sunshine Cocoa bar. ~ Carolyn

Message from attendance:

Please make sure you are continuing to do your attendance during finals week. Y'all have been doing so great with it. Keep it up!

Ranch Keeping

Don't forget to send your gifts to Sunshine by December 16th if you are participating!

The first phase of the Reading Games ends this Friday. Be sure to turn in your staff pages - we're behind! Read over the break and log those. :-) The first round winners will celebrate Friday, January 8th during Plus period.

Keep your structures and routines going this week! Be sure to be visible in the hallways and during duty times. We'll need everyone on duty Friday afternoon. ALL IN!

Lunches this week during exams

If you have a mixed level class (mainly Tuesday and Friday), go to the lunch where you have the most students. This should help with balancing out classes. For Tuesday and Friday, they won't be required to sit with their teacher's class. Tell students to be sure to come in quickly and quietly so they can get in the lines ASAP. Wednesday and Thursday will be the same since we're going with 4th period. A lunch - 8th grade, B lunch - 7th grade, C lunch 6th grade.

What's on Deck for this week...

Exams, food and more food. :-)

Outtakes - It's amazing what photoshop can do!