By: Emily M.

BY: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

The authors worked together to make the genre of the book a romance novel.

Conflict of the Book

The conflict in Beautiful Redemption is Ethan Wate trying to get back to the real world. Right now he is stuck in the Otherworld. To get back, he needs to rip out his page in The Caster Chronicles, which record all events involved with the Caster world. The issue with that is getting past Angelus, a Keeper who doesn’t want Ethan to return. While Ethan struggles to get help to return from his Caster girlfriend, Lena Duchannes, all events lead up to this one moment. Will Ethan Wate return?


Some of the characters that make up the story of Beautiful Redemption are Ethan Wate, Lena Duchannes, and Angelus. Ethan Wate is a Wayward, or guide to casters. Ethan is stuck in the Otherworld and is trying to do the impossible - get back to the real world where his caster girlfriend, Lena Duchannes, waits. Ethan is a static character because he remains dedicated throughout the whole story. Additionally, Lena Duchannes is Ethan Wate’s caster girlfriend who is desperately trying to believe that Ethan will be able to get back to her. Lena is also a static character becuase has hope throughout the whole story. Finally, Angelus is a Keeper, or a chosen person in charge of keeping the balance between Caster and Mortal worlds. He wants to keep Ethan from returning home. Throughout the story, he sabotages Ethan’s plans and sets traps. Also, he is a Keeper who breaks to rules and tries to become a dark Caster, which is wrong because he is supposed to be the balance between Caster and Mortal worlds.

Plot Events

1. Ethan meets Xavier, the Gate Keeper. A Gate Keeper is a Keeper in charge of protecting the Gates of the Far Keep. The Far Keep holds The Caster Chronicles. In order to get past Xavier, Ethan needs to offer him a gift, something he really wants. Turns out, Ethan and Xavier become friends and Xavier helps Ethan try to return to the real world.

2. Lena and her family and friends destroy the most powerful Incubus in the world. By doing so, they gain The Book of Moons, and Dark Caster spell book Ethan needs to return home.

3. Ethan battles his way through a maze leading to entrance of the Far Keep. After he gets inside, he faces even more dangers never even heard of.

4. Xavier helps Ethan gain more time to try to rip out his page in The Caster Chronicles. To do so, he tricks Angelus into trying to prove his superiority.

5. Angelus and Ethan fight, only one of the reaching The Caster Chronicles.

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The Book of Moons

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The theme of Beautiful Redemption is you can succeed as long as you work hard and put your mind to it. I know this because Ethan goes through this whole journey to reach Lena. For example, he works hard to recover The Book of Moons and get into the Far Keep. Also, Ethan manages to make it through the maze leading to the Far Keep. Although every turn made it seem like he was going in circles, and even more dangers kept appearing, Ethan didn’t give up because he was dedicated to getting back to Lena. Finally, the last thing Ethan does to try to get back to Lena is battle Angelus. With Angelus being much stronger, Ethan was being defeated. Every punch and kick was excruciating pain for Ethan, but he fought through it. Therefore, Ethan was able to put his mind to getting back to Lena and do everything in his power to do so.