LG Expeditionary Thursday Update

October 17, 2019

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6th Grade Math - Mosaic Walk

In 6th grade math, students have been building their numerical fluency by studying ratios and double number lines. To kick off the Mosaic Walk, students watched a PBS documentary titled Treasures of New York: Art Underground that explores the last 25 years of the MTA’s Arts for Transit program. The film highlights some of the most eye-catching mosaics underground, the artists who created them, and the process of making their way from concepts to installations.

Next, students went on a Mosaic Walk through the East Village, tracing the steps of the Mosaic Man’s art on buildings and lamp posts along St. Mark’s Place. Students will capture images of the mosaic art they see, read historical commentaries on the mosaics, record student perspectives on the art, and consider the historical importance of public art. They even got a chance to meet Jim Powers, the Mosaic Man himself!

Back at school, students started planning out their own mosaics. They will each design a 100 unit grid mosaic square using 4 - 6 different color sticker ‘tiles’ and identify how many tiles they will use for each color. They will have to use ratios to make their complete design and describe the ratios of different colors using ratio language.

Ask your child to explain where they see ratios in everyday life. Can they use ratio language to describe different items at home?

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7th Grade ELA - Dystopian Literature

Our 7th graders have been reading The Giver. They traveled to around the city to visit the LAND BEYOND. The Elders gave them the task of collecting observation data on different locations and people inhabiting this new and unusual space. They used their observation data to write a letter to help Jonas understand this new place and plan where he could hide if needed.

The Final Task on their journey was to use their imagination to create a world BEYOND ours. As leader of this new land, students will create 4 Rules that EVERYONE must follow. Then they attempted to convince the rest of us to join their territory!

Ask your child to explain The Giver. How is the society in Lois Lowry's story different from our own? Would they want to live in that world? Why or why not?

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8th Grade ELA - Elements of Horror Stories

In 8th grade ELA, students have been reading classic horror short stories: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter. Through it, they studied the elements of horror. This culminated in Thursday's fieldwork, where groups of students wrote, performed, and recorded a creative piece based on the stories they read. Students designed their own props, used fake accents, and included other little touches to make amazing performances. For students who are editing their work, final judging will take place later this week!

Ask your child what makes a horror story effective. What ideas did they use while making their film?

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