The Unsinkable Titanic

Your money won't end up in the bottom of the ocean!!!

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The Ship

Come and be dazzled as you go through an indefinite trip of you life in the Atlantic voyage. The Titanic is separated into 4 classes. The lowest floor is for the employees, above that is 3rd class, upon the 3rd class was the 2nd class, and the upper deck/floor if for the 1st class passengers. We have many activities you all can enjoy; such as gyms, swimming pools and relaxing libraries. The meal ranges from Hors Doeuvre to roast turkey and cranberry sauce. You can be "King of the world" on the 106ft. long promenade deck. The accommodations are comforting and no concerns needed. Just don't bring too much stuff or you'll sink the ship!

Starting price at $350 - $100,000