Ilse Koch

Bitch of Buchenwald

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Facts about me:

Name: Margarete Ilse Koch

Born: Dreden, Germany - 22 September 1906

Studied at: Accountancy School

Previous Jobs: Book-Keeping Clerk, Sachsenhausen Camp

Married to: Karl-Otto Koch - 1936

Children: Two sons, and two daughters

Current job: SS Auseferin at Buchenwald Concentration Camp


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Karl-Otto and I

My beautiful husband and I, loving life and experiencing life together!
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Adolf hitler - People you may want to be friends with

I don't know the Fürher personally, but I am his biggest follower! All Hail Hitler!


My activities in the 1930's

- I stole $62,500 from the prisoners to make my Sports Arena to ride my horse around

- I rode my horse around the concentration camp and scouted out prisoners with distinctive tattoos and stripped the prisoners skin before being incenerated

- i loved sending children to the gas chambers

Nuremberg Trials

Friday, April 11th 1947 at 12pm

Dachau, Germany

Dachau, BY

I, Ilse Koch was sentenced to 'participating in a criminal plan for aiding, abetting and participating in the murders at Buchenwald' and sentenced for life in prison for 'violation of the laws and customs of war'

This is unbelievable, meanwhile I was eight months pregnant with Uwe, my beloved son who was taken away from me.


Finally! I was released due to a lack of evidence

arrested again

Wow! Sentenced again, for life imprisonment on June 30, 1945, and I'm going Aichach Women's Prison

*notification* ilse Koch dead - Uwe kholler: rip mum

I may have only known you for a small amount of time, but I made the most of it, visiting you in the prison. You shouldn't have committed suicide in Aichach Women's Prison.