Push In Your Chairs!

Edward Settle and Lexie Dana

Why This is a Problem

Has there ever been a time at the end of class, when you can't get out because you have to constantly push in other peoples chairs? Or has there been a time when the teacher calls you up to the front and you embarrass yourself in front of the whole class by tripping over your classmates chairs? Well our goal is to have all students push in their chair all the way when they get up and out of their chair. Teachers shouldn't have to waste their time pushing in their students chairs at the end of the class period. It only takes 3 seconds to fully push in your chair, so why is it so hard for students to do?

Our solution

Our solution to this aggravating problem is to put up signs throughout the class room. We will also be putting a line of tape, clearly showing that the chair should be pushed in past a certain point.