losing my SIGHT



Imagine you wake up and that your vision is WIBBLY WOBBLY you can't rub it out. you go to THE DOCTOR and he tells you have a type of blindness called diabetic rentinopathy. which is a type of blindness which can be cured with treatment.BUT it will only preformed before the retina has been severely damaged.


you find out that you can have the laser surgery preformed. you will only recover partly (because diabetic rentionpathy cannot be fully cured).


The rest of this is gonna be a little DOCTOR WHOish. I thought this might creep you out so I put THEM in the smore. Yes this has to do with eyes. ( I am looking at you KYLE!!!!!!)
The Doctor Who Themes: 50th Anniversary Edition (HD) Part 1


you my think no so scary but just wait
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now the real reason...........

The reason I put these in her is because once you encounter one you have to keep staring at it or it will try to hurt you.

doctor WHO???????

you or anyone around you could go blind. Your best friend could call you up and say she can't see a thing that she has become blind. Because her dog scratched her in the eye.This could be devastating to you , family , and friends.

For the end............

Test your eye sight on this video. Supposedly there is a alien in Mona Lisa's eye.CAN YOU SEE IT?????????????????????????????????

IF you did'nt see that dr then try this........

if you can read and you know what it means you are most likely a whovian.
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as always BE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!! - JACKSEPTICEYE


I came across these picture when i looked up the last. And if this dose not prove the doctor is real then my question is what will?
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