Jalen Mccoslin

Others perception

Others Perceptions

Some poeple might say im 200,000,000 conduct froms. But in all honesty im have only gotten 199,999,999 so there proved you write. So another thing that might be brought up that im to iresponsible when im just flexible and easy goin. And lets get somthing straight i am a very inteligent person and im capible of alot i just chose not to use it in every little thing i do.

My Perception of myself


I think im a cool laid back guy well at least when im at home. I always take a task somone throws at me . Hense the picture #challengeaccepted. And i like to joke around not to much but just enough to make poeple laugh. I have 1 sibling my sister has come back home from treatment. I Currently live in Lewsville Tx. And to be honest be honest i am lazy like by lazy i mean like a sack of patatoes lazy.

Jalen mccoslin

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My Future perception

Jalen mccoslin

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