Was Moses Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

WWMD - Abortion and Judaism

What Would Moses Do? Abortion and Judaism

Join us for the first in a three part lunch and learn series about current bio-medical ethics in Judaism. "What Would Moses Do?" is a series of Lunch and Learns that will occur at Shaarei Kodesh on Shabbat mornings in the spring.

"What Would Moses Do?" is our year long adult education series taught by Rabbi David Baum. The series gives the Jewish take on both modern and often controversial social and bio-medical issues. Fall classes covered social issues: guns and weapons, pre-martial sex, and the economy; and the spring classes will cover bio-medical issues: abortion, genetic engineering (can we choose our children's genes?) and euthanasia. These topics will be presented through a Jewish lens.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Cost for Lunch and Learn: $12 for adults

$5 for children 5 - 12.

Baby sitting provided during the lesson at no additional cost.

Please RSVP to our office - office@shaareikodesh.org or 561-852-6555 or online: