Willmot Walkabout

Week 9, Term 1

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Calendar revisions

* Tuesday - no TPL meeting for staff. Meeting on Thursday afternoon with Gretl instead

* Monday - Andrea and Phil at National Young Leaders Day with student leaders

* Wednesday - Anne and Phil at Performance Development Framework session at Rooty Hill RSL - 12.00-3.00pm

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Harmony Day Overview

This year’s Harmony Day will be held on Tuesday 24th March at 9.30am in the hall.

Harmony Day is a day for all Australians to recognise the many ways in which Australia is culturally diverse and to celebrate the benefits that living in our culturally diverse country brings.

Everyone belongs and it’s all because of you

Please be in the hall to commence at 9.30am sitting In your allocated area. Please bring your music and hand to Danielle before the performance with the track written on the CD cover. If you are using any electronic please speak to Danielle beforehand so she knows what you need.

After being announced each class will come to the stage to perform their item.

Class Order:

1. 2/3L

2. K/1P

3. K/1A

4. 1/2CS

5. 3/4D

6. 3/4T

7. 4/5/6R and 5/6S

Announcer: Sandra/Phil

Music: Danielle

Photos: Kerry

Sharon will ask for captains and councillors to set up the hall on Tuesday morning.

If you have any questions please come and see either Sharon or Sandra. It’s supposed to be a fun day and all your support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Sharon and Sandra.

Words Their Way

Thank you to all teachers for such enthusiasm on Friday with Words Their Way training. It will be great to get our hands dirty with this very soon!

We are still unable to solve our Words Their Way mystery - Phil put the white dice and Words Their Way rulers in a grey tote tray on Gail's desk in the library (we used these with Chris Killey on the first training day.) They are still missing. Could you please search your rooms and let us know if you find them...

Library Duty

Could teachers on library / computer room duty please ensure that students return books and keep the area clean. The library is a shared space and therefore needs to be kept clean by everyone. It is looking a bit messy at the moment...

Anaphylaxis e-Training

Some of you have had difficulties completing the anaphylaxis e-training due to technical problems. I asked Bronwyn to follow up with the DEC helpdesk. The response she received is as follows:

Following our conversation yesterday, I have been advised that I will need to re-do the lesson.

I was also advised that it is preferred for the training to be completed at school, not home, as they are receiving around 50 calls per day with the same issues I had. (Unfortunately, this does not really help me!). I think it will be beneficial to let staff who have not completed the training know this :-)

If anyone else is experiencing problems completing the training, they can call 1800 811 523 and need to speak to the WH & S Officer (I spoke to Bruce).

They will most likely make you re-do the lesson again anyway, but at least they will have a record of the number of teachers experiencing difficulty in completing the training online.

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Willmot Whisper Articles due from....

Willmot Whisper articles are due on Mondays of even weeks. Please place them in the correct folder on common drive that Jill has set up - see filepath below. Please see the newsletter contribution roster for 2015 attached to this post.

  • Yrs 5 & 6 - could Anrea and Emma put something together please
  • Environmental Education - could Sue Harris and team coordinate a report please
  • Aboriginal Education - could Sandra, Sharon and team put together a report please

Please put your article on common drive / Whisper Articles / Term 1 / Week 10

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Introduction to Classroom PBL

Next term we will be explicitly focus our staff learning on Classroom Systems of Support for PBL. We will be utilising support material from our US partner program Positive Behavir Intervention and Supports (PBIS.)

For first day back next term (staff development day term 2,) please bring your class management plan so that we can share and discuss effective practices that you may be using.

Below is a piece of research into what a typical school day consists of... much food for thought...

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Missouri PBIS Effcective Classroom Learning Environments Resources

The website below will form some of the work we will begin to look at for effective classroom practices for PBL...
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Mathematical Bridge

The 2014 series of newsletters, The Mathematical Bridge, provides curriculum focused information on the transition between stages 3 and 4 in Mathematics. The lesson ideas and teaching strategies promote effective pedagogy in the implementation of the NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and remain relevant and helpful for teachers introducing this syllabus for the first time in 2015.

They can be accessed at http://www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/primary/mathematics/prolearn/csarticles/index.htm

Number Skills Apps

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Revised Sport and Physical Activity Policy

Memorandum to: principals of secondary, primary, infants, central schools, schools for specific purposes and intensive English centres, executive directors, directors, public schools NSW

The Sport and Physical Activity Policy previously known as the Sport and Physical Activity Safety Policy for Schools has been revised.

The revised policy provides new requirements relating to the mandatory weekly participation in sport and physical activity for students. These requirements also include the need for documentation and communication across the school community of school-developed procedures for the organisation and management of sport and physical activity that reflect current local information and circumstances.

The revised policy is part of a suite of resources that will be available to all schools during March 2015, including a Physically Active Schools website, K-10 Physical Literacy continuum and additional professional development workshops.

The Sport and Physical Activity in Schools Safe Conduct Guidelines also provide a range of resources for principals and schools to support the implementation of the revised policy.

The revised policy has been published on the Department’s policy website at Sport and is available at the following link - Sport and Physical Activity Policy.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Changes

Did you know Davidson Trahaire Corpsych is now the sole provider for general counselling services through the EAP? In addition to counselling services Davidson Trahaire Corpsych also offer online resources and information through their eapdirect website.

Post incident support is also available for DEC workplaces following a work related traumatic event. This service is provided through the EAP by both Davidson Trahaire Corpsych and Optum (formally PPC Worldwide).

Further information in relation to the changes to the EAP, including the general counselling service, can be found here.

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Common Drive - the time has come...

I will be working with Ashley to clean up Common Drive and recreate a version that is more controllable. Primarily this will mean that we will create a 2015 folder containing Team A and Team B folders and Stage team folders and a couple of other folders but that will be basically it.

We will then give people 2 weeks to put want they need into those folders and whateever is left on common will go into one back up folder called 2014 and earlier Back up. After one year, everything in that back up folder will be archived onto an external hard drive and we will start the process again for 2016.

Start saving your gear folks as otherwise it may be gone soon...!

iPads and Apps

At the moment we have about 35 iPads available. It is our intention to provide all classroom teachers with one iPad each for classroom use. The idea is that you will get to know the iPad by practising using different apps for learning. We will teach everyone how to mirror from their iPad to the IWB so that Apps only avaialbale on the iPad can be used with all students.

The remaining iPads will be shared with 3-6 classrooms as K-2 classes all have XO laptops.

During satge team meetings please begin to list any apps your stage would like to purchase and your AP will pass on info at exec meeting. I have psted some number app examples in the Numeracy section of the Walkabout this week.

What do we think of these???

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