Harnessing Technology

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

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Technology Integration, by Design

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Consider: How should goals shape our choices?

What tripwires can we put in place to encourage this?

Slides: Desired Goals

CCSS and an Emphasis on Digital Media

Slides: Tech and CCSS Links

Survey: Ever Changing World

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What do you wonder? Unit Framework Excerpt

  • How is technology used to meet CCSS standards?
  • What types of tools are most prevalent?
  • How are tools curated/organized?

The Need to Create

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How can we harness our students' cognitive surplus?

Are we inherently wired to participate?

Scavenger Hunt and Pitches

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1. Set your learning goal.

2. Search this Pinterest board to find a relevant tool that ENHANCES learning.

3. Put your pitch in this Google Doc. Be prepared to share!