8th Grade ELAR

Scott Johnson Middle School

Spelling Bee

All students will participate in the annual spelling bee being held on Monday, November 16, 2015. Study guides can be found in your student's class.

Quarter 2 Book Project

Due dates are quickly approaching for the Quarter 2 Book Project!
Friday, November 13th-3/4 of book read
Friday, November 20th-whole book read; students will have an in-class work project workday that day
Friday, December 4th-Final Project Due (summative grade)

We are studying suspense this quarter. Ask your student how authors create suspense!!!

MAV (McKinney Academic Vocabulary) List 2 Bingo Cards

Being a little playful with vocabulary and showing the kids how they really do use and come into contact with new words all the time I am using bingo cards. They allow the students to actively find ways to either listen, speak, read or write the words in meaningful contexts.

Here are some due dates to keep up with:
Friday, November 13th-all words must be defined
Friday, December 4th-2 bingos must be formed
Friday, January 8th-4 bingos
Friday, January 22nd-whole card complete (summative grade)