The Kitty-Kat Case File

Today I Will Spread My Knowledge About Cats! Let`s Go Learn!

The Basics

We All Know Our Fur-Covered Felines That Look SO CUTE! But That's Not What I Came Here To Talk About, I Explain The SCIENCE IN THEM! Like In Our Other Flyer, "Why Do Cats Meow?" And, "Why Does The Internet Love Cats?" And I`ll Be Talking About The Internet Part More! So Let`s Get Started, IN THE OTHER SUBJECT TEXT!


Still, WHY Do We Love Cats And Today, Let`s Just Spill The Bean Bottle, We Who Like Those Furry Felines... Just CAN`T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! And As The Last Time I Get To Do This In School... I`ll Give You Another Lesson Of... PET-U-CATION!
Do dogs look like their owners?- Pet-U-Cation ft. Game Theorist MatPat | Petcentric

Oh, No....

I Think We Ran Out Of Pet-u-cation About Cats! All The Cats Must HATE Me Right Now..


Here`s Some Nyan Cat To Chill You Out.
Nyan Cat 10 hours (original)


Hope To See You Another Day, Farewell My Friends.