Civano Community School

26 March 2021

Dear Civano Families,

Civano Community School values you as a partner in our shared commitment to ensure that all students have the best educational experience. I am sending this reminder to ask for your continued support and cooperation in keeping our school safe and healthy.

We are grateful to report that we have not had any spread of COVID among our students and staff during this difficult year. This has been the case because of your work to follow and support the district guidelines, the collective care and personal responsibility of our families outside of school, and the hard work of our students and staff taking care of each other at school.

As a school, we are doing the following:

  • Conducting wellness checks on each staff member every morning.
  • Following CDC and Pima County Health Department Guidelines regarding safely operating schools.
  • Keep buildings clean with daily disinfection protocols.
  • Conducting wellness checks for students each morning.
  • Working with our COVID support team for continued training and updates to implement best practices for schools.

While our 4th quarter transition to fully in-person learning feels almost normal, we must continue to implement the protocols for living in a pandemic — including wearing masks, frequent hand-washing, respiratory etiquette, AND staying home and away from school when your child, or anyone in the household, has any COVID-related symptoms that cannot be verified by your child’s pediatrician or a PCR test. You can review the guidelines we follow HERE. This is sometimes hard and inconvenient… and it’s the only way we can safely reopen for our students, staff, and their families.

We believe that having students in school, with the mitigation measures mentioned above, is the best place for them. Our priority is always the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We ask for your continued cooperation in reporting when your child does not feel well and complying with the determination that your child, and any siblings, may need to remain at home.

Thank you,



8:35am -- Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday that school is in session -- Community Time

April 2 - No School

April 7 - AzM2 Writing Grades 3-5

April 8 -- AzM2 Writing Grades 6-8

April 11 -- MOD Pizza Fundraiser (information below)

April 12 - AzM2 Reading and Math I - Grades 3-5

April 13 -- AzM2 Reading and Math II - Grades 3-5

April 20 -- Civano Site Council 3:15pm

April 21 -- AzM2 Reading and Math I -- Grades 6- 8

April 21 -- Civano Site Council Meeting 3:15pm

April 22 -- AzM2 Reading and Math II - Grades 6-8

CPA News

MOD Pizza

Take-Out and Delivery Fundraiser!

Sunday April 11, 2021


9210 S Houghton Rd

Tucson, AZ

Donating Back: 20%

Please invite your friends and Family!

RSVP here:

AZ Merit Snack sign-up:

4th Quarter Learning

Health and Safety:

We will continue to implement mitigation measures on campus based on CDC recommendations to minimize the spread of COVID19 (or any illness) on campus. These measures include:

  • Daily temperature checks and wellness checks before entering campus.

  • Requiring students who display symptoms or live in a household with someone displaying symptoms to stay home and away from school. Families should follow up with the school (879-1702) to review symptoms and determine when the student may return to campus.

  • Students must wear masks when arriving at school, while in classes, or when they cannot physically distance outside.

  • Frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing will be practiced.

  • Physical distancing will be done when feasible.

  • Respiratory etiquette will be practiced -- sneezing away from others or into a tissue or elbow; cleaning hands afterwards.

  • Classroom surfaces and bathrooms will be wiped down throughout the day.

  • No sharing of food or bringing food to school for classrooms unless pre-approved by Lydia in advance.

  • All sites will maximize fresh air capacity of HVAC units in classrooms.


As we transition during the 4th quarter, students will not be able to flex between online and in-person learning. If your child, or anyone in your household is sick, we ask that you keep your child home and away from school. Please call the school office to report the absence -- 520-879-1702. You may leave a message and someone will call you back. Because we are still practicing mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID, someone will call you to discuss your child’s symptoms and determine appropriate time away from school. Your cooperation with these policies is appreciated.

In-Person Learning:

In person students are expected to be at school on time every day. Student attendance will be monitored by teachers and school staff daily. If an in-person student is absent from school, classroom teachers will provide make-up work for that student.

Remote Learners:

Remote learning students will be expected to attend all classroom virtual meetings and turn in assignments daily in order to be counted as “present”. If a student does not attend daily meetings and does not complete assignments, he or she will be recorded as “absent.” The remote learning teacher will provide all coursework for students.

Lunches on Campus:

Our kitchen will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Students will eat outside during lunch. Microwaves will not be available.


Dismissal is at 3:00 PM for all K-8 students. Please pick up your child promptly. Please discuss your child’s going home plans clearly with them every day so they know what to do after school. There are no after school activities at this time.

Arizona Tax Credits

Dear Civano Families & Friends,

We are writing to ask for your continued support with an Arizona Tax Credit contribution. These tax credit contributions are how we fund our Arts program at Civano!

We are asking each Civano family to contribute at least $400 (or $200 for families with individual filers) and to reach out to three other Arizona tax payers and ask them to contribute their public school tax credits to our school. Almost 80% of households in Arizona do NOT have school-age children. You likely have friends or relatives in this situation. Often taxpayers in those households don’t know about the tax credit program or they forget to make the contribution. We urgently need your help to educate these taxpayers and encourage them to give to Civano Community School.

About Public School Tax Credits: If you owe taxes to the state of Arizona, your contribution will offset what you owe dollar-for-dollar. If you give more than what you owe, you’ll get the extra back as a tax refund. It’s really an amazing opportunity! While none of us enjoy paying taxes, with tax credits you can know that at least some of your tax dollars go directly to your child’s school. Here’s how it works


  • Couples filing jointly may take a credit of up to $400 and individuals up to $200.

  • Contribute online or via check in the school office.

  • Giving online? Please select “Greatest Need” at the bottom of the page and when directed to choose a school, select “Civano Community School”.

  • Public school tax credit gifts for the 2020 tax year may be made right up to April 15, 2021.

How Civano Uses Tax Credits: Greatest-Needs tax credit contributions fund

  • Specials -- Art, Drama/Music

  • Artists-in-Residence programs (like previous year’s drumming and movement)

  • Outdoor education programs and field trips (Ironwood Tree Experience, 8th grade backpacking trip) and so much more.

Civano wouldn’t be the school we love without these important programs! Thank you for helping us rise to the challenge!


The Staff and Students of Civano Community School

P/S -- You can help by sharing the Tax Credit Contribution page with your AZ friends and family or by handing them a contribution form for mailing in or dropping off in the office. You can download the form HERE.

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School Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm

Students may arrive for check in starting at 8:15am

Community Time will continue to be virtual starting at 8:35am every

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Meeting ID: 857 6259 3840

Passcode: Civano21

Civano Attendance and Office Information

Please contact the office and/or your child's teacher if your child will be absent from classes. The attendance line is 879-1702 or you can email
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