Project 1- Thingiverse 3D Print

Alex Rejda

Why this product has value.

The PS4 thumb sticks I downloaded and printed can serve 2 purposes. They allow you to to add better grip and height to your PS4 controller. You can also use four of them to elevate your Ps4 for better ventilation and over all performance. Possible customers would be teenagers and anyone that likes to play video games.

Soft Ware and Machines Used

Software: maker bot,, snipping tool.

Machine: Maker Bot Replicator Tool

Review of the Process

Obsticals Faced: We had a couple of problems throughout the whole process but the majority of it went smoothly. I only had problems with downloading the maker bot file onto the program.

If I were to do this again I would change how we prepare the build plate and maybe add a bit more glue to the tape so the product sticks a bit better.

How I feel about the product.

I was extremely happy with how things turned out and I really enjoyed the process of converting a file on a computer to a tangible item which really interests me. I learned about how a 3-D printer works, how to record and take note on the process of making a product, and I learned how to work with new computer programs and become more familiar with how a computer works.