What All Surf Groms Should Know

Before They Begin

What All Surf Groms Should Know Before They Begin

Young people have always been the key players in the surfing community, and in Australia young surfers are known as Groms. The origin of this term is unclear, with a few linguistic suggestions that don't really link up to surfing or extreme sports. Whatever it meant in the past, however, it now means a young surfer, often below the age of 16, who is ambitious and eager to cut up the advanced waves with his older companions. Young groms can be exciting and entertaining to watch, but they can sometimes pose a real risk to other surfers. If you are starting out in the surfing community, and want to be accepted by them, then you will have to learn the rules of surfing quickly.

Be prepared
When you are young, spending money on expensive wetsuits and boards can seem like a waste of time. You can find a cheap wetsuit that almost fits, or even just wear shorts, and you can borrow your older brother's board, right? In fact, for most of the year, even in the Northern parts of Australia, you will need to have a wetsuit that can maintain your body temperature even at freezing levels. Even in hot weather, shorts should be worn with a rash guard, which will prevent your skin from sunburn and board rash. In addition, even beginner Surf Groms need their own board. A board is like a part of you, and should match you in size and width. You might be advised to get a softboard to begin with, which is made from foam, or an epoxy board. The right equipment can help to keep you safe in the water.

Obey the etiquette
When you are surfing, you are alone with the wave, but even surfing requires that Surf groms learn the rules of etiquette quickly. These are mainly unwritten rules that require politeness and consideration, which is hardly onerous and will benefit you in the long run. One basic principle is to ensure that you wait in line. Even if you are excited, and have a longer board or faster speed due to lightweight materials, you still need to respect other surfers and not overtake them. You should also not try to take a wave which is already being ridden by another surfer. This is dangerous, and so you need to pay careful attention before you leap into the water.

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