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Week of April 11th

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Dear Fulton Family,

We hope you had a wonderful spring break! This spring we are in for some great adventures. In addition to the great learning that occurs everyday, we have some fun events planned that our students, staff and families can look forward to. To kick us off, PTA is hosting Falcon Follies. This is our annual talent show. It is a must see! There will even be a staff act this year- you don't want to miss it.

This week we celebrate two groups of staff members that are essential to our being at FES: National School Librarians and Paraprofessionals! They go above and beyond for FES everyday. Please join us in thanking them!


FES Admin

SMART Watches at FES

We recognize that some parents will provide their children with smart watches for various reasons. During the school day students are not permitted to use their watch for calling, messaging, texting, recording, surfing the net or taking photos. Smart watches will need to be turned in to the homeroom teacher during standardized testing. Parents can help us enforce this policy by not texting their children and calling or answering their calls during the day or choosing to keep watches at home on school days. In the event of an emergency or urgent message needs to be sent to their child, parents should phone the school office and the message will be relayed promptly. It is recommended that parents make sure that the watch is set on silent mode, do not disturb, or school time during the school day so that there will not be disruptions to the learning of their child. If a student uses a smart watch for anything besides checking the time, the classroom teacher will ask the student to put the watch into their backpack and parents will be notified. Further infringements will be discussed with school administration.

Belonging Bulletin...

This month we are celebrating Arab American Heritage month and more!! Please enjoy this month’s issue of the Belonging Bulletin for more details!

Last Day of School

As of Wednesday, March 29, HCPSS has used one inclement weather day this school year. As such, the last day of school for students in full-day Pre-K through grade 12 is now scheduled to be Wednesday, June 14. The last day for half-day Pre-K/RECC students is currently Friday, June 9.

The two final weeks for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

  • Monday, June 5 - Regular school day
  • Tuesday, June 6 - Regular school day

  • Wednesday, June 7 - Schools dismiss three hours early (Professional Work Day)

  • Thursday, June 8 - Regular school day

  • Friday, June 9 - Regular school day (Last day for half-day Pre-K/RECC students)

  • Monday, June 12 - Schools dismiss three hours early (Professional Work Day)

  • Tuesday, June 13 - Schools dismiss three hours early (Professional Learning Day)

  • Wednesday, June 14 - Schools dismiss three hours early (Professional Work Day - Last scheduled day for full-day Pre-K-12 students and 10-month staff)

Lime Kiln is hosting "I Love Lime Kiln Day" event on April 20th

  • Mark Your Calendars. Lime Kiln is hosting "I Love Lime Kiln Day" event on April 20th. They will have Steve Sherman coming in with a Kona Ice Truck that afternoon. He will be in the LKMS parking lot until 4:30pm. Snowcones will be for sale from 3:10 to 4:30pm. Feel free to walk down, after school, and join in the fun!

Upcoming Dates

Please visit or subscribe to the FES Calendar Webpage to view important upcoming dates.

  • April 14th: Falcon Follies @ RHS 6:00-8:00; Fulton Friday- wear Fulton colors or Fulton Gear

  • April 18th: Report Cards Issued, 4:00pm; PTA Maiwand Kabob Restaurant Night (11:00am-9:00pm)

  • April 21st: Professional Work Day - Schools Closed for Students

  • April 29th: FES Beautification Day! (9:00am-3:00pm)

The PTA Perch

**Save the Date for Beautification Day**
Saturday, April 29th
We will need ALL HANDS available to help make this year’s school improvements a success. More details and sign-up coming soon!
~Please note we had previously shared a different date, though a scheduling conflict arose so we changed the date~

**Falcon Follies is here!!**
Does your student have a passion? Love to dance? Make balloons animals? Tell jokes? Do a karate demonstration? If so, consider joining the Falcon Follies Talent Show!!
For the rest of us - save the date to watch our talented friends. (admission is free of charge)
Interested? See flier below and please complete the form found here:

**Sign-ups for International Night are now OPEN!**
One of Fulton Elementary School’s favorite events: Friday, May 12th from 5:30-8pm.

Please help make this event successful by signing up to set up country booths, put on performances, walk down the runway for an international fashion show, and volunteer to help ensure the event is successful. We want our students and families to teach each other about their rich cultures. Sign-up today to help us represent areas from all over the world:!/showSignUp/10c0b4fa8a82babff2-international

**Kidz Art FUNdraiser Thank You!**
This sold out event was so much fun for everyone! The kids enjoyed getting together in the art room “after hours” and loved their take home art project. We are pleased to share that through this program, the FES PTA made nearly $400! Thanks so much to Ebbie Art from Kidz Art and Greta Luhar for organizing and chaperoning!

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Happenings in our Community

Peers Needed - Extended School Year (ESY) SOAR Program

HCPSS Extended School Year S.O.A.R (Social Opportunities and Relationships) is searching for peer role models during the July 5 - July 28 session. Students in elementary and middle school who attend ESY SOAR focus on social skills identified through the ESY IEP process. If you are interested, please review this SOAR Peer Mentor Parent Letter .
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2023 River Hill Boosters Summer Camps

The River Hill High School Boosters are sponsoring summer camps at River Hill High School. The camps are designed to help young athletes improve their fundamental athletic skills. Weekly camps begin on June 12th. Over thirty different camps are offered this summer, including football, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, weight training, wrestling, Allied sports, Youth sports, pickleball, and dance. We also offer an Art camp and two different Video Production camps. Camp schedule and registration can be found at

Worth Repeating

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Calling all 3 year olds!

The Fulton Regional Early Childhood Center (RECC) prekindergarten programs are making preparations for classes for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. These classes include children with and without disabilities. The program’s focus is helping all children develop communication, literacy, math, problem solving, motor, and social skills. Parents of children who will be 3 by September 1st, applications are available and being accepted currently. Additional information can be found in this flyer.

In alignment with Maryland’s Blueprint for the Future, new applications for students turning 4 by September 1 will not be available or accepted for the Learning Together Program. The Howard County Public School System continues to offer a prekindergarten program for income eligible children who will be four years old by September 1. For additional information contact the school or visit:

Updates for the 2023-2024 School Year Related to Start Times and Transportation

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) wants families to be aware of upcoming changes and processes for the 2023–2024 school year related to start times and transportation. As announced in February, the Board of Education approved shifting start times for the 2023-2024 school year. In the coming weeks, families will receive additional information related to transportation changes for next school year, including completing registration to receive bus transportation for families who live in bus coverage areas. HCPSS staff is currently in the process of developing informational materials, writing responses to Frequently Asked Questions, and preparing resources for school system staff to support families with the changes.

Prior to spring break, families will receive new non-transportation area (walk area) maps. For many schools, these areas have been expanded based on changes made to Policy 5200 – Student Transportation, which increases the allowable distances students can walk to school. Once these changes are communicated, families will be able to check their school’s updated walk area map to see if their eligibility for bus service has changed for next school year.

After spring break, families will receive instructions to register for bus service for the 2023-2024 school year. Policy 5200 implements mandatory bus registration, which will take effect for the first time this year, and will then become an annual process.

We know that many families are eager to learn about the impact of the policy changes and school start time adjustments. HCPSS is working through the impacts to school schedules, services and all other related items and more information will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, families can consult these FAQs regarding transportation.

As a reminder, these changes take effect for the 2023–2024 school year beginning in August 2023.

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Thank you!!!

Thank you to Mrs. Ciliberti and her dad for making 10 benches for our outdoor classroom! They also weeded and made the space a wonderful outdoor spot for learning! Thank you!!
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Counseling Corner

Mrs. Shields and Ms. Horvath, School Counselors, delivered school counseling lessons to each grade in the area of “College & Career Readiness” highlighting the essential curriculum objectives below.

  • Kindergarten

    1. Define “career,” Identify the importance of brainstorming future career ideas and discuss how current learning and social behaviors connect with future careers.

    2. Belinda Baloney Changes Her Mind by Becca Carnahan - In this book, a 6-year old girl struggles to select a future career after brainstorming over thirty different options. Eventually, Belinda realizes the value of exploring her interests, keeping an open mind, and embracing the FUN in career exploration!

  • 1st grade
    1. Students will define career, identify appropriate and helpful tools to support career-oriented tasks, and discuss how current learning and social behaviors connect with future careers success.

    2. Students read Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and identified their future career, what tools they will use and what behaviors they are learning in 1st grade that apply to future success.

  • 2nd grade
    1. Students will brainstorm future career interests, identify at least one tool that would help them in their future career interest, and identify other people/careers with whom they would work in their future career.

    2. Second grade students read Boxitects by Kim Smith then identified their future career, what tools will assist them, and who they will collaborate with in the future.

  • 3rd grade
    1. Identify the behaviors that lead to school career success.

    2. The Paperboy by Dav Pilkey - Students will identify jobs that are obsolete or new, due to technological advancements. Students will also learn about the author Dav, his interests as a child and how his childhood interests evolved into his career as an author of popular graphic novels. By the end of the lesson students will identify a current interest of their own, a potential job that would involve their interest, and learning behaviors to help them achieve their potential career goals.

  • 4th grade
    1. Students will identify the importance of brainstorming future career ideas and discuss how current learning and social behaviors connect with future careers.

    2. Students learned about Dr. Holland’s six different career types and took a photo career quiz to identify their personality type and possible careers that match.

  • 5th grade
    1. Students will identify their current interests, hobbies, and explore future careers using a guided booklet.

    2. Students completed a Career Exploration booklet identifying their hobbies, strengths, and possible career choices.


A huge shout out to our PTA. They spoiled our staff this past Monday with a delicious pizza lunch, salad and desserts. It was a great way to start off the week! Thank you for your generosity, PTA!