Ms.Maudie A.k.a "the cake lady"



Miss Maudie had a good relationship with the flinch family. To Jem and scout she is sort of a role model that guides them to understand that racism is wrong. She can be mean sometimes but she also teaches Jem and scout valuable lesson that will help them see the world in a Different way.Jem and Scout count MIss Maudie as a friend because, unlike most adults ,she gives them respect,but can't believe what was said about the radley family and tells them what really happened.

Miss. Maudie

The incredibly quick witted miss. Maudie was put in the story to be nothing other than a role model for the kids. Throughout the story when anybody wants to gossip or rumor Miss. Maudie has a fast comeback that stop them dead in their tracks. She is a sweet lady that loves to tend to her her flowers but can also get down in the kitchen with her flour. All in all Miss. Maudie guides all the kids into not judging other people but she unconsciously shows scout how a woman should be