January 10, 2016


Reflection has been front and center in both our personal and professional lives. As a new year has once again come upon us, it is only natural to reflect on the past year. As we completed our first IB Units of Inquiry, we've spent a great deal of time in our Learning Teams reflecting on the teaching and learning. Reflection helps us define areas of strength, areas for refinement, and areas where we want to head in a new direction. Reflection serves a valuable purpose. We need to ensure that students are given opportunities to reflect on what and how they are learning on a regular basis. This provides them with opportunities to deepen their understanding and develop questions. Where do you have time built in for student reflection this week?

IB Focus Walls Adorn Our Hallways

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5th grade reflection leads to wonderings/questions

I look forward to the rest of the IB focus walls being displayed in the hallway!

Remember to make the Action Cycle part of your daily practice.


Have a great week,