Team 7 Newsletter

October 7-11


Here are my plans for the week (subject to change):

Monday-I will be absent, with the sub, students will finish correcting their tests, complete a Vocabulary Check and do some practice graphing in all quadrants. Students will be assigned the coordinate graphing for homework if they do not complete it in class

Tuesday-We will start Module One Topic D (I have attached the parent tips below). Students will be working on Lesson 16 and be assigned the Lesson 16 Problem Set for Homework

Wednesday-Students will be working on Lesson 18, which deals with using scale factor to find actual side lengths from a scale drawing, they will be assigned the Lesson 18 Problem Set as homework

Thursday-Students will work on Lesson 19, which deals with finding the scale factor between two objects. They will be assigned the Lesson 19 Problem Set as homework.

Friday-Students will begin a project to find out if Barbie's measurements are proportional and what she would look like as an actual human. There will be no homework.

See the attachments below for some great opportunities for your child!

Elks Essay Contest

Military Family Appreciation Month Art and Essay Contest

Language Arts - Mrs. Martin

Last week:

Team 7’s Language Arts classes have just completed work on their Public Service Announcements. Next week, we will view some of these and discuss the students’ choices. I am looking forward to seeing all of my students’ hard work!

This week: This week students will be practicing their reading skills by working through the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and making connections to The Outsiders. Students will use the website to view the poem and respond to critical thinking questions. After students have completed the independent work on the poem, they will post responses to discussion questions and comment on other students’ responses in Schoology. This process should help build students’ accountability and higher order thinking skills.

After students have completed their work with the poem, we will read “The Noble Experiment” which is a part of Jackie Robinson’s story. We will again work on building accountability, and critical reading skills while students make connections between The Outsiders, and “The Noble Experiment” to answer the question: How do we overcome prejudice?

I will not assign any homework this week, however, students may have to finish the classwork as homework if they are not using their class time wisely. Please check student agendas.

End of the quarter: Friday is the official end of the first nine weeks. Any missing and/or make up work needs to be completed by this date. Students will have two days to work on these assignments during WINN time this week. Please discuss grades with your student and advise him/her to take advantage of the opportunities we are providing for help. 😊

Social Studies- Mr. Beles

This past week in World Geography, we have just finished up our first unit! We capped it off with an in-class essay assessment on Wednesday. I will offer redos as soon as I get all of them graded this weekend. Based on the results I have seen so far, I think it would be most beneficial to have one day in class where all students have the opportunity to redo the essay using their notes. My requirement for this is going to be that the notes that students use must be the white review sheet that we made in class this week. If they have that done, they can use that on to help them rewrite their essay, but if not, they can’t use anything else. My plan is to have this redo on Tuesday, 10/8 for all classes. I will explain this to students on Monday, so they have a day to prep for it.

As we enter the last week of the grading period, we will get started on our next unit, The United States and Canada. We have started with a short history on the area, and will continue by comparing and contrasting different aspects such as governments, economies, and other fundamental themes of geography. We will likely put in one more 80% grade in before the grading period ends, so let’s finish up strong! Below is the very tentative plan for the week to give you a sneak peak in calendar form.

Monday: North American Map Analysis

Tuesday: Essay Redos + North American Region videos

Wednesday: North American Economies notes and activities

Thursday: North American notes on government

Friday: Begin North American Human Environment Interaction activities

Big picture

Science - Mrs. Brown

Good morning parents and guardians. Last week we finished adaptations and moved on to food chains and food webs at the end of the week. This was the start of chapter 2 lesson 1. Here is a breakdown of this week.

Monday - Eat or Be Eaten. Game about food chains and food webs.

Tuesday - Energy pyramids how much energy does each level store and recieve.

Wednesday - Chapter 2 Lesson 2 Cycles of Matter the water cycle notes

Thursday - Cycles of Matter the carbon and oxygen cycle notes

Friday - Cycles of Matter the nitrogen cycle notes

Next week we will start looking at the different biomes in Chapter 2 Lesson 3.

Have an awesome week!