By: Will Storie & Hunter Erichsen

Ancient Jewish (Hebrew) History

The Hebrews existed from 1500 B.C to current days, because Judaism still is around. The Hebrews first started in Mesopotamia. They then started a nation in Egypt. They're land was called Palestine and was located between the two cities/nations. This land was a sort of land bridge in which the two countries would trade resources, them being Egypt and Mesopotamia. This was also the road that Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Mesopotamian. They didn't control this land for long though and had to move and settle back in central hill country that runs north to south between costal areas and the Jordan River Valley. It was hard to live here but a lot of famous Hebrew history exists here, for example, Jerusalem.
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More info (2nd Part

The Hebrews had the first monolithic beliefs, which is just one god. The Hebrews had many hardships during their early existence. They had problems with Egyptians and other nearby powerful countries, as you could see from the bible. They were also the chosen people of God.