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Teaching Resources: Websites

Different types of resources that teachers can use in their classroom! Below is different website tools that teachers can use for different classroom needs and activities.


Sliderocket is yet another tool for slides and presentations to be created.


Mapskip is a place where maps become interactive and can be edited with information.


Organization and organization tools all in one place thanks to Webspiration.


Quibblo can be used by not only teachers but students as well. This is a site to create quizzes and polls.


Storybird makes writing simple and fun. Create different writing ideas and actives on different devices.


Animoto makes student's and teacher's lives easier when making presentations.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a great website for research and attaining information on certain topics.


Prezi encourages students to create new and innovative presentations. It is very simple to use and has many different styles of presentations that could be created.

Google Docs

Google docs is a website where collaboration is made easy. Great for group or individual projects.

Classroom Books

Books that can be used in the classroom for research or pleasure. Scholastic is a great resource for all things books.

Educational Videos

Educational Podcasts

Tightwadtech : For the rest of us

A great resource for teachers to give them insight on technology things. Gives free software information and other technology things that can be implemented in the classroom on a small budget.


Egogeeks : Animal Births

Science based videos and pod casts to intrigue students and to creating learning but keeping it fun as well!


Googly Eyes for Google

This is a great podcast for teachers giving them great technology tips and tools for them to integrate into their own classroom.


You Have to Show Kids They Matter

This is more specifically for teachers and the importance of their job. It talks about how you have to make the kids see that they matter and are important and that you do this through your teaching!


60 - Second Earth

Will there be enough water in the future? This is a minute discussion about Earth's resources, it is a great free source for environmental issues.