Texas A&M Commerce

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General Information

Texas A&M Commerce was founded in 1889 by William Leonidas Mayo as a school of higher education for everyday citizens. Now, 122 years later, thousands of students walk our campus. Located in Commerce, TX, this school has much to offer to every student! We have over 26 academic departments that offers everything from Business to Agricultural- related work. We want YOU to prosper from our teachings!

Starting With the Pride

There are many ways to get into A&M Commerce. Letters of recommendation, essays, and scholarships are the push that helps to set you apart from the rest. With an acceptance rate of around 44% of all applications, it takes the best to join our pride! Scholarships range from about $200-$250. Tuition begins at about $7,000 and goes up as far as $20,000. Housing for on-campus students is about $7,580 for room, board, and food. Safety is very important to us! Our rating for safety as an average is a B, so don't be a scaredy cat.

What Do We Offer?

  • Business
  • Education/ Human Services
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts
  • Science & Engineering
  • School of Agriculture

Gurannteed to Give YOU the Best Possible Education in any Field you Desire!


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