Discovering Wes Moore

By Wes Moore

Chasing Wes Moore

The storys of two lives, starting in the same place, but ending in opposite places.

The beginning of his story.

Wes was born in Baltimore, October 15, 1978. He was born with a loving mother and father. His father, a radio broadcaster, died of Acute Epiglottitis when Wes was only three years of age.

His mother, traumatized and broken decided to move to the Bronx with her mother when Wes was only six.

The Riverdale country school

Wes's life at the Riverdale Country School

Wes's mother, wanting to have Wes be successful, sent him to The Riverdale country School.

The Riverdale School is a very fine private school that was the exact opposite of the public schools in the Bronx. It was a college campus, mowed lawns and nice uniforms. To afford the school Wes's mother had to work night and day. At Riverdale Wes was the jokester, the rebel, he skipped classes to hang out with his "Crew." Wes's mother finally saw his grades and figured out what he was doing and laid down the hammer, military school.

The next step in Wes's life

Wes went to Valley Forge Military College. Wes's time at Valley Forge had not been easy but he had grown. Within his first months at Valley Forge he had tried to run away. His attempt had failed, he had gotten lost and his commanding officers found him. At his end of the time he had at Valley forge he had more than eight hundred cadets under his command and was the highest ranking cadet there was.

The other Wes

When Wes came home from South Africa his mother tells him that a man with the same name of him got arrested for robbery and murder. The other Wes was trying to rob a jewelry store and on the way out shot a guard. The guard was working double jobs to help his family.

The Orignal Wes Visited Wes as weird as that sounds. The original Wes begins to understand Wes's life and they begin more and more to understand each other.

The prisoner, Wes, was 3 years older than the soldier Wes.

Drug Dealing in secrecy

Wes began dealing drugs at age twelve. He first just started telling the dealers when their clients were there. He evolved to start selling his own drugs. He sold cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. Wes's brother had done the same thing, Tony wanted Wes to excel and be the exact opposite of him. He wanted his brother to succeed in life without selling drugs. He lied to his mother and brother, Mary. He told them that he was Dj'ing in the neighborhood. Mary believed it. Tony his brother finally put a stop to it and told their mother. That wasn't the end of his drug selling career though.

Turning life around

Wes decided to try to stop drug dealing by going to a Jobs Corps school, a school for disadvantaged youth to find jobs and support them selves. Wes got his GED within a month and was proud about his success in school. He worked on being a rapper in his free time and was thinking about he could be a rapper. He visited his family more often and was being looked out for GED guidance from other students. Wes even built a small house for his five year old daughter. Wes left the Job Corps after seven months.

It seemed that everything was going well for Wes. This was not true. He was working all the time to feed and clothe his kids. He had to pay for his own kids, his mother, and Tonys kids. Wes went for help to the thing he knew best, dealing.

Destroying his life

Wes, with others made a robbery on a jewelry store. They took 438,000$ worth of jewelry. On the way out the police guard, Sergent Bruce Prothero . Prothero had tried to slowly creep up on them and shoot, suddenly a shot went He died. Two of the criminals were found and confessed to the robbery, they denied that they pulled the trigger. They found Tony and Wes twelve days later im there uncles house in Philadelphia.

He was sentenced to life in prison. No parole

Why this person impacted me.

Wes impacted me mentally. He taught me that nobody is responsible for you. Your own decisions get you where you are, and you need to be responsible for that. Nothing is impossible if you want to do something. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

I think just a bit more of what the consequences of my actions might be.

Why he should be remembered

Wes Moore should be remembered because of his success growing up in a tough time. You can't deny that the choices he made impacted his life. There is living proof that something can go wrong even if you start out in the same place. The proof is the other Wes Moore