The Official Weekly of Salford Hills Elementary School

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Let's Breathe

I think we all shared one giant exhale these past few days after many days of holding our breath and hoping for a smooth opening. And we had just that! While there are a few kinks to iron out in virtual learning, students are online and becoming accustomed to a new environment. We appreciate the patience of so many as we connect the dots with technology and troubleshoot to the point where devices are doing what we expect of them and children are learning.

And for those folks who opted for in-person learning, students came back with cheerful hellos and smiles behind their masks! Not only did everyone find their rooms in the morning and everyone either made the bus or a car ride home, there were plenty of new experiences in between. It was good to be in school again, and plenty of happy faces affirmed as much.

And for both virtual learning and in-person there are many more happy and memorable days to come. Let's celebrate each one together.

Dave Purnell, Ed.D.
Principal, Salford Hills Elem.

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Hybrid Learning Next Week

In any school year, second weeks are just as important as firsts - if not more. Week 2 of hybrid learning is no different. By Friday, all students will have their devices and we'll take a slow turn to utilizing Schoology as the backbone of instruction. Interspersed with in-person protocols, teachers in both learning environments will construct opportunities to become familiar with the nuances of Schoology by navigating pages and courses.

Additionally, in-person learners will need to "report" every morning regardless of whether they are physically present. All students will log into a discussion post and respond, the metaphorical equivalent of saying "I'm here" for attendance purposes.

Many of us may remember IXL from the Spring. One of our goals during Hybrid learning is to have students use the diagnostic area to level in Math. Once Math is completed, we'll move along to ELA.

And on Wednesday when all students are learning virtually, homerooms are conducting connection meetings in the morning very similar to the connection meetings students participated in last Spring.

Teachers will have more details later this week as they preview next week together.

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Offering timely information and support, access SASD's Instructional Technology Learning Hub! Discover more information about Schoology, One to One Computing, Office 365, ClassLink and the Student Help Desk.

Student Help Desk

To help support students with ongoing technology needs, the District has a Student Help Desk. The Student Help Desk is available to assist with technology needs during school hours.

Each building provides on-site support at their Tech HUB, as well as support via the Student Help Desk Ticket form.

Before submitting a support request, please follow the three (3) steps below:

  1. Restart your device (power off and power back on).
  2. Check that your device is not in airplane mode.
  3. Check that the wireless connection is enabled.

If you are experiencing difficulty with Schoology, ClassLink or Office 365, please check their status to see if they are having a service interruption.

- Schoology Status Page

- ClassLink Status Page

- Office 365 Status Page

Please be sure to visit the Instructional Technology Learning HUB for information about the Student Help Desk and more.

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Please access this web page to read more information about Review Back to School Information. Completed forms should be returned to your child’s school no later than Friday, September 18th, 2020.
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Notes From the Attendance Office

If you haven't done so already, parents and guardians should send with their children notes to the office disclosing their intention to pick up at the end of the day. Children should hand in the note to the homeroom teacher for office delivery. PIckup lists are created daily by our attendance secretary, Mrs. Randall..
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Happy Birthday From Salford Hills

We'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to all our in-person and virtual SH students born this week:

September 2

  • Keely Bourdon
  • Mikaela Boyd

September 3

  • Paige Fallon
  • Garrett Hoffman

September 5

  • Joel Dubin
  • Betsy Musselman
  • Santana Moyer

September 6

  • Clayton Yoder

September 7

  • Violet Wilson

September 8

  • Skyler Jones
  • Tessa Nelson
  • Madylyn Seeberg
  • Benjamin Eng

September 9

  • Ludek Matusek

September 10

  • Kayla Koneski
  • Nolan Mullarkey
  • Luca Savignano

September 11

  • Ethan Wheeler

September 12

  • Parker Hagin

September 13

  • Paxton Freed

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Car Riding at SH

With few students riding the bus, we're considering how to accommodate an increased number of car riders at drop-off and pickup. Here are a few protocols worth noting:

AM Arrival

  • Drop-off Doors open at 8:30.
  • When you drive through the main entrance, please observe the stop sign in the front parking lot and any buses which may be exiting from the bus lane. Please do not block the bus lane if cars are wrapped around the building.
  • We'd like to have five cars unload at one time. If you are between the orange cones, it is safe for your child to get our of the car (passenger side) and walk to the drop-off entrance. If you are at the front of the line, pull all the way to the upper cone.
  • Exit by looping around the upper parking lot, bearing right at the side parking lot and drive to the stop sign before arriving at the school's exit.

PM Dismissal

  • We'll begin dismissing car riders at 3:15 in three waves organized alphabetically. Names at the beginning of the alphabet will be called first: 3:15 (A-G), 3:20 (H-P), 3:25 (Q-Z).
  • At this time, parents must sign out their child(ren). We'll attempt to reserve spaces in the side parking lot nearest the drop-off doors. If possible, please keep the driveway clear.
  • Sign-out will be outside except for inclement weather.
  • If the number of car riders becomes overwhelming creating a safety hazard, we may need to rethink our plan and resort to another method. Stay tuned.
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All Smiles in K1 AM!

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For Safety: Water Fountains Turned Off at Salford Hills

It's important to know that water fountains are turned off at Salford Hills. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles. Our Home and School Association has purchase water bottle filling stations which will be installed this Fall. While the filling station accepts all water bottles, those with larger mouths and wider openings are more sanitary. We'll let you know when the filling stations are operable.
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Masks and/or Face Coverings: as Essentials as Pencils and Crayons!

We're a kind school, and because we are and in consideration of the members of all the Salford Hills family, we wear masks or face coverings. Having a conversation with our child about masks is helpful. The following are viable talking points. If I lost my mask or it gets dirty, do I have an extra? How do I advocate for a mask break? If I can take my mask off when I socially distance at recess, what do I do with my mask? How do I know my mask is mine? Can i put my mask on by myself? Why is it important to wear a mask?

We appreciate your conversations you are having with your child as we begin in-person instruction next week and we're thankful that you are reinforcing our efforts to keep our classrooms safe.

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An Update from Nurse Bealer

Hello all!

It's so exciting to know that next week we will be back in school. The health room has some new additions: a new hand sanitizer station, new faucets at the sinks, and a designated room for sick students. We are making our health room as safe as possible.

Part of keeping the students safe and healthy is by limiting the number of students in the health room. The teachers have extra bandaids in their classrooms so students can practice self-care for little injuries like paper cuts, picked scabs, small scrapes, etc. Students can wash their injury with soap and water and then put on a bandaid. I am also asking that if a student has a mild headache or stomachache: they drink some water, rest their head on their desk, or eat a snack and see if they feel better. Of course I will check them if they haven't improved. If the student has an urgent medical need or migraines, they can certainly come to the health room for assessment and medicine if needed.

Please review these changes with your child. We are all in this together and together we are strong.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Nurse Bealer

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Back to School Night: Partnering via Technology

If there's something we believe in at Salford Hills, it's partnerships that become the cornerstone of our relationships as we work together on behalf of our students. While we're sad that we can't be physically together for the previously scheduled Back to School Night, our teachers look forward to visiting you via multimedia presentations. Look for these offerings in your child's Schoology course on September 16.
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Kindergarten Students

Parents of Kindergarten Students! Please review arrival and dismissal procedures for both AM and PM in-person Kindergarten by clicking on the pdf files below.
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Revised School Calendar

Please click THIS LINK to access the School Board approved 2020-2021 Revised School Calendar.
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A Revised ReOpening

Pending board approval on August 27th, the Souderton Area School District reopening will follow a revised. Please see the important information below.

  • The first day of school for ALL students (in-person and SAOA) is September 8th.

  • In-Person Students
    The first 3 weeks of school (September 8th through September 25th) will follow a hybrid schedule. Beginning Tuesday, September 29th, students will attend in-person on all school days.

  • SAOA Students
    Will attend virtually on all school days beginning September 8th.

Regular Education Students

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Special Education Students

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Volunteer Registration Form: Please complete

Please fill out this form to be contacted regarding volunteer opportunities at Salford Hills Elementary School. Volunteering will look different this year, but we want to have a pool of volunteers ready when the school is ready for us.

If you have more than one child at Salford Hills (in-person or SAOA), follow the prompts to fill out the form for each child. This will include completing the contact information and questions again to streamline the data for organization. Thanks for performing some extra finger exercises to complete the form for each child.

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Home and School Meetings

Mark your calendar for future Home and School Meetings. They're the second Tuesday of each month (except for April) at 7pm. We are currently meeting together on Zoom. Look for the link and the agenda in the Wednesday message the week before the meeting.

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020

  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020

  • Tuesday, December 8, 2020

  • Tuesday, January 12, 2021

  • Tuesday, February 9, 2021

  • Tuesday, March 9, 2021

  • Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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Salford Hills Spiritwear sale coming soon!

Look for the online sale in the Wednesday Message next week!
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Shopping on Amazon from your phone app? You can setup AmazonSmile on the app to support Salford Hills Home and School Association! Check out the two screenshot photos for instructions.
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Questions for Home and School?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach out via to contact all four board members: president (Danielle Moyer), vice-president (Lisa James), secretary (Stacy Caldwell), treasurer (Trish May).

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Salford Hills Elementary School

Fundamentally committed to each other, we at Salford Hills are a caring community of learners who value each individual’s intrinsic worth and potential.

In our supportive environment, learners are encouraged to achieve high standards by developing responsibility for their learning through authentic experiences that require hard work, critical thinking and reflection.

Learning is a process that positively impacts the future.

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