Gender and society

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Sketch "Women know your limits"

I think that in this sketch, they ridicule the men's attitude. When that woman said that, we can see the reaction of his husband. That's a typicall reaction of the men of the last century. But I still don't understand it.

Junior Masterchef opinion

In my opinion, I think that Victor has to be punished, Because it's sexist. I agree up to a point with some Facebook and Twitter comments, because it's true that he is a 12 years old boy, but you can't excuse his with this. Finally I don't believe his mother, because little boys do and say what they see at home.

Definetly, Victor should be punished.

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Think of a problem in the world. How would you help them?

I would help poor people. I would give them food, money and a nice house where they can live with their family, because nowadays, these help isn't being done.

Description of two pictures

In the first picture we can see the old stereotype of the woman that is able to do a lot of things at the same time and the man that only can do one thing at the same time. In the second picture we can see the woman that makes all the housework and the modern man, that it's he who does all the housework.
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Do you think mens are becoming soft? Gender stereotypes

I think that some of them yes. For example the stereotype of the woman that does all the housework, because unless in my family, this doesn't happen. However, the stereotype of the glass ceiling for the women in thier jobs, isn't getting soft, in fact, in recent surveys, we can see that this action is increasing.