Media Literacy Assignment

Dissecting Advertisements

Let's Take a Look at this Ad...

Walmart advertises in may ways, places and forms like:



They also have a TARGET AUDIENCE, can you guess what it is?



What is Walmart's purpose in their advertising?


Your Task!

You will be creating a Smore flyer to answer the following questions on an ADVERTISEMENT of your Choice!

1) Find a advertisement online

2) Identify places where this advertisement has been seen (i.e., billboards)

3) Write a paragraph on what the PURPOSE is for your advertisement

4) Identify the TARGET AUDIENCE and in a few sentences explain why you choose that target audience

5) Identify who PAID for the ad (try to search up information on this based on the company's ad you choose)

6) In a few sentences identify what the MESSAGE is in the Ad

7) Identify any hidden messaged and why you think there are hidden messages?

8) In a paragraph answer: Do you think advertisements are good or bad and why?

Here are some AD's that really make you think...

Success Criteria

1) you have chosen an interesting advertisement

2) you have completed all questions in paragraph form (unless I have told you otherwise)

3) you have included your opinion as well as evidence from the advertisement or company to back up your answer

4) spelling, grammar and punctuation are all correct

5) you have completed a "Smore" flyer that demonstrates your learning of advertising