New Stylist Training Opps!

Here's Your Chance To Get Trained This Week

Let's Get You Going In Your First 10 Days! Here's How...

Hello New Sparkles team member!

We're excited to have you on our team and now we want to help you get your business off to a great start by providing you with great training! You have lots of fantastic resources to get you going, but it's key to fit in your formal "New Stylist Training" in the first 10 days of your business! Wondering how to book? How to display? How to earn $100s in free jewels and bags? How to invite? What to say? How much you can make?

Below are the upcoming opportunities from which you'll want to choose to participate in one. If you can't move mountains to make one of these happen, be sure to connect with your sponsor to make a plan for how you are going to get trained!

Love & success to you,


THIS WEEK...2 Options - Wednesday Day & Wednesday Night

DAYTIME Conference Call with Senior Director, Carrie McGraw

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NIGHTTIME Conference Call with Associate Director, Ginger Pingree

For the same as above, join me with a glass of wine and a pencil in your hand to get your business CRANKING and have your questions answered...

We will hold this via Google Video chat to make it more personal, as seeing a face is always more fun, which is simple to do, even if you are not tech savvy. Directions on how to join in are on our team Facebook page at:

If you have ANY questions/difficulties, email or text me ahead!

8:00pm EST

via Google Hangout

*Space is limited to 10 & 1 can also be accommodated via regular speaker phone.

**Kindly RSVP via email or on our team facebook page to hold your spot.