The Rams Report

The Pulse of Yorkville Elementary

A Message from the Principal

Dear Yorkville Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a magical holiday season filled with family, friends, love and laughter. As we begin the new year, we are filled with feelings of hope and possibility. We renew our commitment to excellence and will continue to work to ensure growth and success for our community of learners. As part our daily work, we will positively impact our school and our community.

As you know, Yorkville Elementary School has committed to raising funds to support the James A. Veteran Village, a community of 15 tiny homes in the city of Racine. The cost to build one home is $5,000. During the week of December 12th, Yorkville Elementary students competed against students from Raymond Elementary in a Penny War. Proceeds from the Penny War would be put toward our goal of building one tiny home in this village.

After tabulating the Penny War results, students at Yorkville raised just over $1,500! While this was an exciting event and a strong effort, Yorkville came in about $100 short. As a result, students and staff at Yorkville will wear Raymond's school colors, green and gold, on January 17th.

After the Penny War, we have exceeded our goal of raising $5,000. We have raised a total of $5,573.86! As a result, we will be able to contribute to the James A. Veteran Village by donating the funds to build a tiny home for homeless veterans. Thank you for you continued support and generosity!

May 2017 bring you good health, good fortune and good times!

Mrs. Amy Foszpanczyk

P.S. Winter is a perfect time to curl up with a great book. Remember, Read to Succeed Logs are due on February 17th. Make sure to initial your child's reading log for all of the minutes read!

The Board Bulletin

The Yorkville Board of Education welcomes the students and families back after the holiday break. We'd also like to congratulate all students that participated in the holiday programs prior to the break and the girls basketball teams on a great season. We now look forward to the boys basketball season - Go Rams!

There have been several listening sessions regarding the school funding issue and many very valid questions have been presented. We appreciate the feedback both during the sessions and from the survey that went out. If you have additional questions, please contact the board or administration (contact info is on the school website) and we will address your questions/concerns. Our next board meeting is scheduled for January 17th, 2017 at 7 pm and meetings are held in Room 112 at the school.

Best Regards,

Yorkville Board of Education

Math Mania

Here are four ways that you can can help your children with mathematics:

  1. Spend time with kids on simple board games, puzzles, and activities that encourage strong math skills. Even everyday activities, such as playing in a sandbox or doing dishes can teach children math concepts including weight, density, and volume.

  2. Encourage children to solve problems. Provide assistance, but let them figure it out themselves. Problem solving is a lifetime skill.

  3. The kitchen is filled with opportunities to teach fractional measurements, such as doubling and dividing cookie ingredients.

  4. Point out ways that people use math every day to pay bills, balance their checkbooks, make change, and calculate a tip at restaurants. Involve older children in projects that incorporate geometric and algebraic concepts, such as planting a garden, building a bookshelf, or figuring how long it will take to drive to your family vacation destination.

December Highlights

Students participated in The Hour of Code, a global movement reaching millions of students in over 180 countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.

Students acted as scientists as they developed and applied concepts and skills and engaged in scientific inquiry. Third grade students tested their balloon powered aircraft while seventh and eighth grade science students modeled diffusion and osmosis in an Eggciting Eggsperiment!

Students in fourth through eighth grade had the opportunity to try the latest fitness craze, Pound. During a Pound fitness class, participants use lightly weighted drumsticks while taking part in a workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kreuscher, Mr. Beix and the band and choir students who put on a magical holiday concert. In addition, students in kindergarten through third grade entertained us with their winter inspired concert.

Grandparents and grandfriends joined students to celebrate the season and enjoy some holiday cheer!

After completing an author study of Jan Brett and her many Gingerbread Baby books, the first graders made gingerbread houses with their fifth grade friends.

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars...

  • Boys Basketball Game - January 5th at 4:00 (@ Randall)
  • Wheatland's Winter Blast Basketball Tournament (A Team Only) - January 6th and 7th
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 10th at 4:00 (@ Yorkville)
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 11th at 4:00 (@ Yorkville)
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 12th at 4:00 (@ Union Grove Elementary)
  • Family PE Night - January 16th at 6:00 (Large Gym)
  • High School Meeting for Incoming Freshmen - January 16th at 7:00
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 17th at 4:00 (@ Raymond)
  • School Board Meeting - January 17th at 7:00 (Room 112)
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 19th at 4:00 (@ Yorkville)
  • PTO Meeting - January 19th at 6:30 (Library)
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 24th at 4:00 (@ Yorkville)
  • Boys Basketball Game - January 26th at 4:00 (@ Wheatland)
  • No School (Teacher In-service) - January 27th
  • All Saints Basketball Tournament (B and C Teams) - January 27th and 28th (@ Wheatland)
  • Boys Basketball Game (Parents' Night) - January 31st at 4:00 (@ Yorkville)