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Welcome to August 2021!

Welcome to a brand-new year! We are excited to see you!

We are doing our best to make sure 2021-2022 is the best year ever, and a lot of that starts with you! There are a LOT of handouts attached to this newsletter, but they are ALL designed to help you. Don't forget that you can find things on our website, too!

A couple of notes to get things moving in the right direction for this term:

Let's Keep Things Flowing Smoothly!

As we get into the swing of things, we ask that our units and councils please remember that following unit-council-district in terms of communication and requests helps us ensure that everyone gets the information they need to be successful!

Out-of-Council units come directly to us at 23rd District for help, but if your unit is in a Council, that means you have a fantastic level of support that helps support you right at your school district level. You are always welcome, but we need everyone kept in the loop to make sure things run smoothly!

Don't Forget - Taxes and Attorney General Filings Can Be Submitted NOW!

The fiscal year for all units ended June 30 - that means important filings like taxes and Attorney General filings (RRF-1 and CT-TR-1, if needed) can be filed NOW! Don't wait until the November 15th deadline; make sure your unit stays in good standing! We have attached annotated versions of the RRF-1 and CT-TR-1 to help you, too!

Paperwork Submission Can Be Done Digitally!

All of those forms that are required for good standing? They can all be uploaded to MyPTEZ, and then we can ALL see them!

  • Annual Financial Report
  • Attorney General RRF-1
  • Attorney General CT-TR-1 (if Required)
  • Audits (Mid-Year/Year-End)
  • Budget
  • Bylaws Signature Page
  • FTB (Franchise Tax Board) Filing (199/199N)
  • IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Filing (990/990N)
  • Worker Compensation Payroll Report Form

If your unit does not currently have a login and password, please email Help@23rdDistrict.org, and we'll help get you started!

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out! We are happy to help!

Always Remember: You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think." - A.A. Milne

Have a wonderful August, and we'll see you on August 19th!

- Laura Lucas

- - -

You are receiving this newsletter because as a PTA leader in Riverside County (Council or Unit), you are a part of the 23rd District PTA family. Each month, we'll be sending this newsletter to help support you! There is a whole chain of PTA support to help you - unit to council to district. Families support each other - and we are here to support you. You matter, and we are very glad that you are here.

Reach out to us for help: Help@23rdDistrict.org
Find support on our website: www.23rdDistrict.org
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Don't Miss the FIRST! 23rd District General Association Meeting of 2021-2022!

Just like you, we must conduct business at 23rd District PTA - and that includes YOU!

You are invited to attend the 23rd District PTA General Association Meeting!

Help us get the year started off right! We will be adopting our calendar, adopting our budget, ratifying officers, presenting reports, and introducing and adopting programs and plans to make 2021-2022 the best year ever!

Please join us on August 19, 2021!

When: Aug 19, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We are asking all attendees to register via Zoom for this meeting. Simply click the link, and follow the directions, and we will see you on August 19, 2021!

We look forward to seeing you there!

August Training Opportunity: General Finance

This is another opportunity to get financial training covered for this year! Remember, all officers must attend training each fiscal year - don't miss out!

Join Us for General Financial Training for 2021-2022!

When: Aug 19, 2021 05:00 PM Pacific Time

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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Need Membership Envelopes or Membership Cards?

Ordering for membership cards and envelopes is now open! Please use the form below to request cards and/or envelopes (Click on the form to have it open into a window to complete it)!

Cards and envelopes are available from 23rd District PTA for Councils and Out-of-Council units only.

In-Council units will go through their respective Council to request cards or envelopes. In-Council units submitting requests will be redirected to their Council with no exceptions.

Membership cards are free, but resources are limited! Please place orders in multiples of 8. Membership envelopes are 500/box at $15/box. Units will be invoiced, and this is an acceptable unit expense.

Unsure? Need Help? Reach out and contact us at Membership@23rdDistrict.org.

Membership Challenge: AUGUST

23rd District PTA has brand-new, attainable membership challenges, and units can win prizes for sharing their successes!

The challenge is simple: Have your principal and at least four teachers or staff members join your PTA for a chance to win!

Prize: A Red Ribbon Week prize pack from 23rd District PTA!

Check out upcoming challenges on the attached handout!

Meet the challenge? Contact Membership@23rdDistrict.org and let us know!

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Make Sure This Year Starts Off Right!

There are several things that need to be done each year to keep our units running smoothly! Make sure that last year's requirements are met, taxes are filed, and this year's compliance documents are adopted and you'll be ready to roll!

Check out the attached checklist (and 23rd District calendar!) to help make sure that your unit is doing everything it should to be on the right track for compliance (and complete all the checklists throughout the year to be a Compliance Magic Maker and earn recognition from 23rd District PTA!

All Things Financial: A Note From Treasurer Rhonda James

As we roll into a new year, don't forget to get things approved! Those approvals matter - and everything we do must be approved through channels!

  • Budgets must be approved and funds released by the General Association before funds can be spent, so make sure those votes are happening!

    You'll release funds from one General Association meeting to the next, so this first one your unit has really matters!

  • Membership must be forwarded through channels! If your unit is using TOTEM, the system does the math and remits membership for you, but don't forget to print the monthly reports from TOTEM for your treasurer's records! Those have to be in the book and the deposits documented, too!

    Manually collected membership (cash, check, or digital payment other than TOTEM), should be forwarded through channels monthly, so don't forget! We want to make sure to give you the membership shout-outs you deserve!

Have any questions about all things financial? Don't be afraid to reach out!

Rhonda James

A Message from Kaylene Dalke: 23rd District PTA Auditor

Don't forget! Year-end audits are now due!

Adopted year-end audits should be remitted to your council (if in-council) or district (if Out-of-Council) by no later than the end of August. A complete audit includes 3 things:

  • Audit Report
  • Audit Checklist
  • Recommendations Page (if recommendations are needed)

All three documents, plus dates of adoption by your executive board and association

must be included for the audit to be considered complete.

Compliant audits should be completed by one of four ways, and anyone involved in the audit process should receive position and financial training to ensure they are familiar with PTA practices:

  • An accountant or CPA, paid by the unit, to conduct the audit.

  • An elected or appointed qualified auditor [A CPA or professional trained to conduct audits; however, does not need to be employed in that capacity at present]
    • This individual may not be involved in the handling or management of PTA funds.
    • This individual is elected as an officer, or appointed by the Executive Board as a while, and not just the president.
    • This individual is ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

  • An elected or appointed* auditor [unqualified]
    • If the auditor is unqualified, an Audit Review Committee is required to review the audit after completion by the auditor.
    • Anyone completing the audit may not handle or manage PTA funds in any capacity.
    • The Audit Review Committee must include two or more people, and may include the auditor; however, the majority of those serving on the committee should not be check-signers, nor should they have handled or managed PTA funds.
    • The Audit Review Committee (and the auditor, if appointed) is appointed by the Executive Board, and not the president, then is ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

  • An appointed audit committee
    • If the unit does not have an elected or appointed auditor, an Audit Committee may be appointed to complete the audit (this is different than a review committee.). In this instance, a committee of two or more is elected or appointed* to complete the audit.
    • The committee must include two or more people, none of whom may be check-signers, and none of whom have handled or managed PTA funds.
    • *appointed by the Executive Board, and not the president, and then ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

If units chooses to pay a professional auditor, please ensure that the auditor is

familiar with non-profit organizations - preferably with PTAs specifically.

Meeting minutes must reflect who will be doing the audit, and when the audit was adopted.

When the audit is adopted by the Executive Board and General Association (with dates recorded), upload the the audit documents to myPTEZ or forward to your council (or district, if OOC.).

Audits are required twice a year for insurance purposes, and should be completed within two weeks of the close of period.

Have questions? Need Help? Contact your council or 23rd District PTA. We are all here to support you!

Kaylene Dalke, 23rd District Auditor


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Advocacy Starts With YOU!

Welcome to the new year!

Thank you for being a part of the largest advocacy organization in the nation!

We encourage you to have an Advocacy officer on your board, but keep in mind that anyone and everyone can advocate! CAPTA and National PTA have a wealth of information on their websites. We’ve included the links to both sites below:



Be an advocate every day! Participate in the 23rd District PTA Monthly Awareness Ribbon Challenge for your chance to win a ticket to our District Dinner and Awards Celebration in May 2022! Collect nine ribbons (one per month) to be entered.

You will be able to download your very own ribbon tracker from our website after the first General Association meeting!

Have questions about advocacy? Reach out to Vice President of Advocacy Christen Vargo at Advocacy@23rdDistrict.org

August Advocacy Ribbon Challenge: PURPLE RIBBON MONTH

August Advocacy Ribbon Challenge

Purple Ribbon Month

“No Kids Left in Cars”

Kaitlyn Russell was a six-month old from Corona who tragically passed away after being left alone in a parked car for more than two hours.

Learn more about her story and Kaitlyn’s Law by visiting


Post or Email a picture of purple ribbons, posters, etc. that PTA has provided on your campus!

Email your entries to Advocacy@23rddistrict.org on or before September 5, 2021

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Happy Birthday to Our PTA and PTSA Units Chartered in August!


  • 2 - Mark Twain Elementary PTA
  • 4 - Tahquitz High School PTSA
  • 5 - De Anza Elementary PTA
  • 10 - River Heights PTSA
  • 14 - Sunnyslope Dinos PTA
  • 15 - Eleanor Roosevelt PTSA
  • 17 - Bella Vista Middle School PTSA
  • 17 - Callie Kirkpatrick PTA
  • 18 - Earl Warren Elementary PTA
  • 19 - Abby Reinke PTA
  • 19 - Polytechnic High PTSA
  • 21 - Patricia Beatty Elementary PTSA
  • 21 - Shivela Middle School PTSA
  • 23 - Western Center Academy PTSA
  • 25 - Anna Hause PTA
  • 27 - Edward Hyatt World Language Academy PTA
  • 28 - Temescal Canyon High PTSA
  • 29 - Magnolia Student Center PTSA
  • 30 - Riverside Council of PTAs
  • 30 - Tournament Hills Elementary PTA

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