BY: Thomas Fasano

What are rocks?

Rocks are composed of minerals. They are classified by how they were formed (their origin).


Gabbro is an intrusive Igneous rock. It is formed inside a volcano. It's texture is course and is non-vesicular. The minerals it is composed of are Plagioclase Feldspar, Biotite, Amphibole, Pryoxene, and Olivine. Gabbro is a darker color and has a high density.
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Limestone is a chemically and/or organically formed Sedimentary rock. It's texture is crystalline or bioclastic and has a grain size of microscopic to very coarse. Limestone is composed of Calcite.
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Marble is a Metamorphic rock. It's texture is Non-Foliated and has a grain size of fine to coarse. Marble is composed of Calcite and/or Dolomite. Marbles type of Metamorphism is regional or contact.
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